Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Time Machine?

I did get all but one of the planks on the deck  the one where many cuts will be made to make it fit around all the posts where the steps and handrails will go...Im not in as much a hurry to get to step 2 of this project next week probably....here is where I am now..

I swear I did prune back these azaleas they grew back already...time to trim again! Some painting has yet to be done around the door trim....and once the planks are seasoned  I have some stain to put on.

the old horse pasture is my back yard...it's yearning to have hooves in it again! On my list of 40 things was adopt a mustang so stay tuned!

at least I can walk out the door and sit on the deck!! I even moved my little umbrella and table out.  I did see some of the large market umbrellas on sale---maybe gotta think that over.  I had one out here for years don't know where it went?

...meanwhile on the screen porch I added some more seating (do you recognize my famous camp chair) and a couple of storage footstools, found those at Goodwill.  I already have my little bottles of fertilizer, and some yard hand tools stashed inside! 

my avocado tree is getting BIG- it really wants a bigger pot so it can become a grandpa!

...and although I don't have the seat cushions sewn up yet it is in the works...the chartreuse on these boxes matches my fabric almost perfectly!  And in the center of the photo you can see Mom's house we are literally a stones toss from each other...

Along the fence I hung a nest box, it was higher up on a tree and not one bird was interested it hung there 3 yrs and  so I moved it last winter and LOOK,  a Carolina Wren is sitting!

the wrens have already fledged one batch of new wrens...so very happy to provide them with a home...NOW I just have to watch out for black snakes!

And in case you thought I was kidding about the "ball" art--

I wasn't!! I want more--I have one ball that has split in half, I'd like to make a couple of Lady Bugs outta that one--stay tuned.  I tossed out about 10 bowling balls...darn-wish I hadn't been in such a hurry to get rid of them just imagine the possibilities....

AND bad stuff news the van window had a  major malfunction...so I had to go on an exploratory adventure and found the cause...A plastic gear is turned by the window motor....a braided steel cord is what wraps itself around this plastic gear -not good-think rock, paper, scissors-- and then 15 yrs later your window won't go up....I ordered the entire window regulator and its on its way....I have plans to go on a long weekend  Friday I don't think the part will arrive on time, so I have shoved the window up in closed position and jammed it with old towels to keep it up there...I am not planning to camp its just too hot and every State Park I checked on my planned route had big R's across the board??? How can this be? Personally I think they just put the R's on there to discourage walk in's.... but I sure hate the idea of Motel sleeping--if it should turn cooler, I may reconsider.  I don't have to pack my kitchen I can eat take out--just I will miss my coffee so I may pack that-

currently watching on Antenna TV-- THE BLOB (1983) I have enjoyed watching TV shows that are older than my son... before that it was Seals n Croft Year of Sunday on the record player 1971, I have literally gone back in time-I am living in a house I lived in back in 1977, listening to music from my high school years, and watching TV from the days when I was raising my son, and wondering why a van window from 2001 went screwy?? 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Moving right along with the deck. Looks inviting and so does the screen porch. I'm sure that will get more use once the skeeters decide they are hungry blood suckers. I have roll up and down windows in my truck and sometimes they are a pain but then when you think of the motor and other stuff? No power locks either and mine is 2004, I guess they went cheap but it sure has a great stereo haha

    1. I had many a vehicle with manual windows and locks...also with manual transmissions...the little Mercury Tracer I drove in NYC was all manual, it was made in Mexico!! Great little car wished over and over I had kept it.

  2. Those azaleas must have been gorgeous when they were blooming. Did you post a picture of them? If so, I don't remember. Short term memory loss, you know.

    1. They did bloom very well this year, I will have to see if I took photos! NOT sure.

  3. Your place is looking so good you wont want to go travelling. With the van window, if you take the door panelling off you can jam the window shut with a piece of timber. The panelling has to come off anyway to fit the new winding motor. Are you root pruning and pinching out the growing tip on the avocado, I did that and mine is now manageable. Cant wait to see your mustang.

  4. It will be a while on the Mustang but I do plan to pursue it, and possibly a couple donkey's also...I have not been pruning the Avocado, have you had any flowering? I don't know if it will flower?

    1. No flowers on mine yet Sondra. I just grew it to see what would happen. I like it but when you Google it many people think its a boring houseplant.


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