Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sights of the Outer Banks

My trip seemed so short! I need more...and it ended up being the hottest week since August of last year UGH!  But we made as much lemonade as we could by enjoying the scenery around us.
 We shot over the Intracoastal Atlantic Waterway it appeared to disappear into the horizon.

Intracoastal Waterway

But actually this bridge, Lindsay Warren Bridge, goes over the Alligator River!  It's 4.54 kilometers or 2.82 miles in length! 

Lindsay Warren Bridge

We passed through Roanoke Island, and then onto the spits and islands of the Outer Banks and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  

We had planned to camp and even tho it was HOT the WIND was constant so as long as we created some shade and found some ice cream shoppes we were fine!  We camped at Cape Point CG.  Its a National Parks run CG and its a first come first serve self check in.  The other 'reservable" campgrounds were crowded. There is Oregon Inlet, Frisco, and Okracoke.  The Cape Point CG has  200 sites and we were one of 3 there! SO we had the privacy we wanted the shade was in short supply tho.

Cape Point Camp Ground

The draw is the beach, its not right next to the point so we drove about 1/4 mile to the public access point, there is a lot of 4 x 4 ing on these beaches (no ATV's) that creates DEEP hot as cooking oil and the surf was rough ,we did get  a nice sunburn when we played in the surf..Casey did NOT like his cloth crate and eventually destroyed it! ;o/

my bff and Casey under the umbrella

Other must see's are the lighthouses...we only stopped at 2 but saw others from a distance...the most popular is Cape Hatteras it was actually moved 17 yrs ago! Built in 1870 they moved it 2900 ft due to erosion of the site where it was.

we didn't get thrilled at the idea of going up the over 250 steps so we took photos got my Passport stamped listened to the 30 minute Ranger lecture on the history of the lighthouse, the moving of it, and the ecology of the area, and moved on...

besides we became intimate with the light house as she gave us light each night at the campground!

One thing they left out of the brochures is the awesome sky watching since there are no trees..
I did try for a couple photos but I have nil-skill and not the right equipment for starry night photos...we sat out under the stars each night, saw 2 shooting starts and the milky way!

More later! It may take me a week to catch up on reading your blogs I did not do the Internet on this trip. 
Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

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  1. We Just loved that area on our trip up the East Coast. Got such a kick out of seeing the Oregon Inlet so far from our Oregon home. We camped right in that area somewhere, but in an RV Park . Loved the lighthouses, also didn't climb (I bet that doesn't surprise you). Thanks for the great write up and pictures ..,and the memories!


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