Friday, June 12, 2015

Gone Outback-or something like that!

Mom and the Girlz are staying with my sister for a week while my friend and I take a trip! We're not going far, and it promises to be HOT! The hottest week since last August how lucky eh? 
I jest of course...I only hope for a nice sea breeze.

You know you're getting old when  you come up with only a smidgen of correct
 I told my son I was going to the Outback :0=
He said REALLY...
I was shaking my head into the phone of course he didnt see that and thiking to myself what the heck did I just say?
I!!! Not the Outback Im trying to say the Outer 
Then he said OH, okay...well you got the Out part
I guess he thought I was off to Australia...the funny thing is he would have said that's wonderful have fun...he is such a card! Here he is with his beautiful girl...they are so perfect together!!  They have a wonderful pool at their complex so they are chillaxing every weekend! 

So I overloaded the van and we're off..come Monday morning let all the weekenders get back to work so more room for us!!  IF we have any Verizon Ill post some photos if not I'll share it when I return...
Maybe I'll learn how to play the didgeridoo---------or not!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Have a wonderful time. yes the over loading things is a beast. I'll be ready to roll Sunday

  2. That sounds great, have fun. Watch out for sharks.

  3. Don't get run over by any kangaroos, LOL! Have a wonderful time really....OBX is a fabulous place where I wish we could have spent more time. Your son and his GF are a great looking couple.


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