Sunday, March 31, 2013

Throwing Rocks and Mud Slinging?

Maybe its Spring? A warm weekend, some rain helps bring things out...

Mom has been really sick she relapsed and I spent Thursday night in the ER with her...but I refused to have her admitted to the hospital...Older people go into hospitals and come out feet first... got some good drugs for her and brought her home to recover in her own bed....and she has improved..still a long way from recouped...but on the way we think.  I was able to get some work done in the little sunny room I am re-doing...this little room is approx. 6 x 8.  I put down the wood floor last week, it had been carpet and sub floor...

THE vent is kinda  in the way since there was a built in window seat in front of these windows...I removed that.  I guess I should have moved this vent..but I don't think Its going to be a problem...I wont be staining and finishing the floor until all the sheetrock is hung, mudded, sanded and the trim applied. I will sand it when I sand the floor in the adjoining room. 

My sister and I have never done sheetrock, but we figure it cant be that hard!! SO we hung it...

IT was hard work, and we still have to put on tape and 3 coats of joint compound, then sand that off, and put up the trim around the windows, ceiling, baseboards, etc. The other rooms in this house have quarter round molding in the corners no tape so IM planning to do that and not try taping corners I figure Ill be doing good IF I can tape and "mud" the straight lines.

Annie is bored with all this Make Over crap!!

Another project is IM trying to evict a squirrel that is living in the screen porch attic...I set the trap UP in the attic....I really hope I catch him, cause he is chewing holes in the soffit of the porch!!!

I'll keep you posted OH and there is the Pack Rat in the old tool shed...he is NEXT!!!
HOPE your spring is moving right along!!



  1. Sondra, You are so dang talented!
    Happy Easter to you!:)

  2. Hi Sondra...You sure are down right busy aren't you!! I hope Mom is in the mend this time for good!
    Rah-rah for you to attempt sheetrock ,been there done that!! The worst part to me is the taping and "mud-slinging as you can it", then the sanding
    dust "GAG"!! Ware mask and goggles and keep it away from Mom!!
    Good luck with that squirrel, and pack rat..I have never been able to catch one in a trap ..."Buggers"
    Gorgeous Tulip none here yet !!

  3. So sorry to read about your Mum. I do hope she is improving and will soon be fully fit. Glad to see you are still doing well with the renovations.

    Lovely to see those cheerful Tulips. We still have drifted snow in the hedgerows!

  4. Poor Annie. Mingus feels the same when work in the garden starts.

  5. Oh tell your Mom to Get Well Soon! Sending good thoughts. Your project looks just like ours -- we just did sheetrock -- only yours is bigger, lucky you (it will be nicer when it's done though!!!

  6. Ah, I hope your mom is doing better! Poor Annie, looks just like my mutts when I'm working on a project... So bored. Looking good in the sunny room though! Majorly impressed.

  7. So sorry to hear your mother relapsed. I'm with you on staying out of the hospital. They scare me to death! Hope she's up and feeling herself really soon. That tulip is gorgeous. And I am constantly in awe of your home remodeling skills.

  8. Nice to watch the progress, Sondra. I'm sorry for your mom and hope she's better step by step. You're right that hospitals aren't good for old people. Actually, as helpful as they are, they aren't good for anybody's psyche.

    I have similar tulips in my garden but this year I haven't seen any shoots yet. I hope they'll appear anyway...

  9. Sondra, I am pleased that you understand that Hospitals are not the best place for our elderly. Crazy but true. Praying for your Mom's recovery.
    Love your remodel photos!

  10. Great work on your room! You and your sister rock! :) Hope your mom recovers soon. Good for you taking care of her! Sending your seedlings lots of growing luck. Our little seedlings are flooded out now, but the frogs and salamanders are so super duper happy!


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