Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Media Madness?

A sick day today...not for me but for Mom...we both have a bug but I can keep plugging along, she ended up in bed flat on her back so I took off to help her out...the Dr called in some meds so we hope she can kick it at home.  People get SICK in hospitals!

Over the weekend I finished making that opening, I do plan to open up one more and MAYbe 2 more walls...Hope the roof dont fall in on me! Actually Im not removing the entire wall just creating larger openings...and creating one opening where there is none.  I keep forgetting to take before and after shots should take them of ME...cause there is a marked
I didnt make much progress but I have made a DENT in it I mean a HOLE..


And from the other side...the reason for this is to bring MUCH needed light into the main living area.

Bringing the two floors up to level became quite a challenge! BUT I think Its gonna be pretty darn close! I had at first thought I would remove the entire wall...but the fireplace is staggered on one side and straight on the other so I thought that would be too unbalanced...that black stuff is the old tar paper that was ONCE an exterior wall, so im ripping that off I plan to sheetrock these walls...BUT I like the black around the Maybe an accent wall of BLACK with a new rustic mantle may be an awesome color scheme?  A retro Color Scheme for this new Library/media room!

MAYBE not the kind of Media you are thinking of but  the old fashioned KIND....And guess what I bought...ITS so cool.

I didnt find my old record player in the attic so...I found one in a local Junk Shop and now its MINE!

I have an old record stand that is the perfect size to hold this baby! NOW I gotta clean all my records...

I hope to have more progress come this weekend barring any lingering illness...


  1. You're so very brave for taking on this project.

    1. Well Im sure gonna face a lot of my fears so I guess brave is a good word to use...fears of making mistakes, heights, tight places, and getting old!

  2. HI Sondra...You sure are making a go of it aren't you girl ...I have done some crazy stuff like that, but you are beyond my bravery ! : }
    Hope it all works out the way you want, and you all better get well before you over do so take care!!
    Listen to some music,and rest.. that is a great find your player!!

    1. I cant wait to pull out my old stuff and listen, I cant recall what is the best way to clean the records!!

  3. OH wow you are ambitious! I love seeing all your progress & projects. Very inspiring. Congrats on the new turntable too- love records!

    1. I know I hope I can really do all the things I THINK I can do!

  4. Hope your mom (and you) are feeling better by now...I'm late coming by.

    Reading this post as I listen to Bill's saw running as he works on our 'renovation." You'd feel right at home (poor you ;>)!)

    I remember vinyl! You're too young ;>)

  5. I just think it is amazing how you are tackling that house. You go girl! I could never do that.
    I bet it is fun listening to all those all record as you work.
    Hope Mither is feeling better soon ... and you too.

  6. I hear records are making a comeback. Yes, you should post pictures of yourself all covered in dust. Not to sound like a mother, but I hope you're wearing a mask doing all that demolition. This is all very interesting, but I'm glad I'm not doing it. You go, girl!


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