Sunday, January 13, 2013

Got Junk?

... it just occured to me that some people may not realize they have word verification turned ON for comments...I didnt ...on my think-tank blog, Writtin's, until someone brought it to my attention! If you want to see if its on/off for your blog, go to your Dashboard, and for the blog you want to check go to the list by the Pencil symbol and when the drop down list opens go to settings, when that page opens up on the left margin about half way down look for posts and comments, click that and it will show you all the options you have for comments etc...and put word verification to off..
Just sayin...

Well the clean up has officially begun and is coming along slowwwwlllllyy now that work is back to full steam ahead.  I spent some time last evening checking ebay to see what may sell on there and out of all the stuff that might sell is VINTAGE Christmas decor! 

 THE attic has a lot of vintage Christmas decor....
BUT im not ready to tackle that attic just yet....but I have been busy!

I went through all the stuff and have separated it into "stacks". Like:

Fishing Rods n Reels

Boxes full of fishing tackle

bowling balls, bags, and PINS...

OK some of it is MY old junk, There must be another Chicken Basket Collector out there somewhere?

How bout a shot?

Everything I have is VINTAGE since we were together and collecting in the 70's, 80's, and 90's thats 3 old rock albums?

soooo many Videos, I didnt find one single DVD

Tapes? I didnt find one single CD never mind an Ipod!

More stuff, Stuff, STUFF omg so much stuff..

See anything you want??...well this is just the the tip of the ice burg but

Last Week:


Today it was so warm I worked outside clearing up an overgrown area in the yard....
MORE to come!!! soooooo much more to come!  With all this work to do I havent been doing much else...Last week I had time off since my Boss was in mourning, now i will have only weekends.  We've had free HBO this weekend...and last night I got to see the movie The BIG YEAR, what a fun movie! If you havent seen it  I recommend it.



  1. Interesting that you have a painting of the Southwest desert. It all looks like sooo much work, but you are making progress.

    1. HI Barb! I love the desert and I purchased this painting on a trip out it will remain in my collection! I think its def by an amatuer painter. I recently gave my sister who lives in CO a painting I purchased up in the Blue Ridge Mountains its of an old barn, with a big oak a typical scene in the Blue Ridge...she gets MORE comments about that painting than any of her collection, since most people there see painting of snowy peaks, and desert landscapes! I paid only a few bucks for that painting, now its a treasure.

  2. Yep, The Big Year was pretty funny- I just sent a copy to my mom for her birthday. Lemme at those records!! Man I might have to fly cross country in case you have a yard sale. I love other peoples' junk, though you can keep the chicken baskets :)

    1. I thought of you Jen when watching THE BIG YEAR cause you had a great yr last yr! 387? Thats amazing...
      Im def gonna be taking things to sell at flea market and have already listed some things on ebay. I'm thinking there MAY be a very old 60's turntable up in that ATTIC! I can play these old records while I Paint and strip wallpaper!

  3. You certainly are making progress.
    Steppenwolf; yea, please. lol
    Saw the Big Year a little while ago; loved it.

    1. YEAH! Steppenwolf was Groovy man!! HA! I had not seen The Big Year so it was such a treat! I could relate all the way, I used to attend 4 Bird Club Field trips a yr traveling out of town and it got rather expensive..but I didnt care it was my MUST DO Thing for over 10 yrs!!

  4. Wow, I can't believe it's the same room, it looks so much better now. You know, tidy... :) But when I look closely at the first photo, I can distinguish the furniture among all the stuff after all!

  5. Stuff .... aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! Your transformed room looks GREAT. Wow! What a difference.

  6. Holy junk-drawer! Girl you've got a big job ahead of you. Good luck! Don't forget to eat and sleep and all that boring stuff.

  7. Making good progress Sondra. We didn't realise how much junk we'd accumulated until we moved house. Where does it all come from.


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