Sunday, November 25, 2012

ONE MONTH can go by fast RIGHT?

Last day before heading back to work after the holiday break ....and a gorgeous fall day here so had to go out and enjoy it!  We went to Sandhills Wildlife Refuge...about 15 miles from us..

We took a hike around the dogs enjoyed that...and we spotted a few cool things; the grasses are awesome this time of year.

there is photo blind wayyyy back behind the lake, toward the upper left in this photo...

trouble is the birds wanted to be far from the blind...

Best I could tell there was Canada geese, ring necks, and coots, and at least one Pied-Billed Grebe

back to the other side of the refuge

a couple of birds came to check us out...

a fuzzy song sparrow...

and a curious Robin

TOMORROW big changes here! WE have to replace 2 floors in our house! They said a MONTH omg not looking forward to the invasion.  BUT It has to be done.
We both enjoy our privacy so to not have it is gonna be nasty and we dont really know what kind of shape the house will be in during this renovation!
SO even though I think it is good to live in the here and now, this time IM ready to zoom this clock forward to Dec 24th!



  1. That looks a great place to explore Sondra. Good that it's close to home.

    Hope the floor replacement goes quickly and smoothly.

  2. Be thankful for your roof.
    The refuge - how lucky you are to have a beautiful chunk of nature so close to home.

  3. What a lovely place to have quite near you, great photos! It was wonderful to see all that beautiful blue sky too. Love the pretty little Song Sparrow!

    Hope the renovation work goes well. Just the thought of it fills me with dread.....I really, really hate upheaval and having my privacy invaded, there is so much needs doing here but the thought of it...euugghh!!

  4. What a lovely spot! It looks like a perfect day.

  5. That looks a lovely place, Sondra, you must have spent a few interesting hours there. It's good to enjoy such nice days out watching wildlife, that supplies energy.

    Good luck with the renovation, sometimes it simply must be done.

  6. Grasses are amazing!
    I like my privacy too and people working in your house day after day is taxing even if they are nice people.

  7. This place looks so inviting! Yesterday we took a hike on our way home from work and marveled at the true exquisite beauty of hooded mergansers. A pair swam about, preened, fed...fantastic! Gadwall were also in attendance making for some great viewing. :)

  8. Also, you make a living with your sewing! What do you do?

  9. Gorgeous walk/hike! Aren't those pie-billeds cute? They look like a cartoon of a bird, I love them.

    I know exactly what you mean about remodeling. A project like that can make anyone want to fast-forward through it.


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