Wednesday, November 21, 2012


                                              Golden Bee, originally uploaded by Dixxe's Pixel's.
I am thankful to each of you that stop by to say hello and share your life via blogging with me!

...and I am thankful for the bees, without them we would have nothing to be thankful for on the Thanksgiving Table!

We are traveling over the River and Thru the Woods to the IHOP in Irmo, SC for a pancake brunch with my SON... since he will be eating a traditional meal at his GF's family table later.

I recall my most favorite Thanksgiving EVER was many moons ago my son was about 12 years old, we decided to go to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving! IT was deserted since all the tourists normally leave right after Labor Day, the hotel rooms were half price, and there was no line waiting to play put-put golf!

We ate our meal at an all you can eat buffet there was no cooking and no dishes to wash. WE enjoyed the time we shared together as a family. IT was special!
Hope y'all do something that turns out to be a special moment for you.


  1. Catching up once again. That photo is beautiful. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Hope the pancake brunch was fun! When I was a kid and my parents wanted to take us out to dinner I would always ask to go to IHOP, haha.

  3. I know you had a good time. We've had many non-traditional TGs and enjoyed them as much as the traditional ones (and as you say, the non-trads are even better when it comes to washing the dishes and cleaning up.)

  4. And I am thankful to have such a lovely blogland friend as you :-) I hope you had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving brunch with your son.

    Lovely photo of the bee!

  5. Its a great community out here... long may it contiue

    Lovely image too

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed a super day. :)


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