Saturday, December 1, 2012

this old house...

No this is not our house,  but it feels like it at the moment if you recall we are having some renovations done....I have no photos of the renovation because its just too CRAZY! I will however take some after shots...maybe when I get over the shock of it all...they used 3 1/2 inch baseboards where they should have used 4 1/2 inch ones...SO they have to redo part of what they did----DUH, Im no carpenter but I think I WOULD know better than to do that...
SO they show up earrrrly, like  before 8 am, they hammer, saw, bang and drill  all day...Poor Mom, looks shell shocked! THE dogs are crazy barking constantly at the strangers in the yard and house...
I  cant sleep decently never knowing when they will come knocking on the door, as they never tell us what time they will arrive...we have both been very stressed out...

They told us they planned to finish Friday...
But they didnt, so they promised to come today, Saturday, they didnt..
We have been living like an episode of Hoarders this past week.  Everything from the living room was split up between my bedroom and Mom's bedroom, and everything that should be in the kitchen is now on the screen porch! SO we are unable to cook, good thing we love to eat raw veggies anyways..we ate out this evening...

I Love BreakfastThey nailed our satellite connection wire underneath the floor so we cant hook up our satellite dish, so we are back to watching antenna, which is a blessing for a dull evening, kinda, well tonight is IT's A Wonderful Life.

 meanwhile we decided to take our laundry to the laundromat since our washer/dryer is now on the screen porch...and wouldnt you know when we arrived the laundromat was flooded with 2 inches of water covering the floor..SO we washed but I just didnt want to stay and operate a DRYER with my feet in now we have wet clothes hanging all over the place with all the rest of the chaos!

What a week!!!



  1. I would HATE that. Even though I know it's sometimes necessary, I don't like having strangers and lots of noise in my house. I feel for you and your mother.

  2. Sounds like a nightmare Sondra.
    Surely it can only get better?

  3. Sounds terrible Sondra, the sooner it's over the better. I keep my fingers crossed for you so that all's well that ends well.

    I like the house, it's a pity that it's run-down like this.

  4. Soooo frustrating. But when you stand back, way back and read this account it is so bizarre that it is almost funny. Renos are SO not fun.

  5. Hi Sondra....Oh I feel the pain...went through some of that this summer!!
    You still have your since of your pancake man!! ; }
    Hope you have a better week ahead!!
    PS that house is a great photo though!!

  6. Oh geez I do not envy your situation! I hope it's all done soon and quick and you can get your stuff back where it belongs!

  7. Wow! Your life sounds just nuts! Let's hope all will be well soon and you will stand back and admire your new digs. Until then, take out food, minimal clothing use and go to the library for a nap.

  8. Oh my! I feel your pain Sondra, I really do! It sounds absolutely horrendous. Not knowing quite when they are going to turn up would really get to me :-( I do hope things settle down for you both soon.

  9. This too shall pass. Just think how lovely it will all be..someday..when they finish. Rule #1 Always add 50% to every stated due date for construction projects and then be thrilled when its done at 100% longer than originally stated. I know, pessimistic, but it's who I am.
    Hope you and your Mom retain sanity.

  10. Oh Lord! I have a whole store of remodeling stories, but yours may top them all.... Hope you have a good vegan restaurant nearby.


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