Monday, September 3, 2012

on the Butterfly Trail

It's nice to have labor day has been a partly stormy day; earlier it was hot and muggy so this rain may help.  First thing this morning I took the dogs for a walk around the block and spotted a few butterflies and late summer flowers (early fall?) some of the ones I look forward to all year after I settled the dogs back in the yard I took off with my camera to get a few shots before the rain...

Like this butterfly Pea...I never see butterflies on this  i think the name implies the shape; it resembles a butterfly...

This painted lady is enjoying the blooming red sedum

I would rename this butterfly the orange is the underside of the wing...the difference of the top side and underside of this Red Admiral is amazing.

 The underside...


...the top side!

This flower I love, its called the dotted monarda, its not satisfied to have one layer of showy flower, it has 3!  IF I had gotten a better close up you could see those dots on the yellow hanging flower petals, its barely visible here.

The Gulf Fritillaries are everywhere right is one of my very favorite butterflies...the brilliant orange is's the top side,

And the underside...

Another  favorite butterfly  is the Buckeye! Always makes me think of Ohio...the Buckeye State, but I think thats due to all the Buckeye trees there!

AND although the chances are 50/50 that Im wrong this could be the caterpillar of the buckeye.

Lots of sulphurs around but they wouldnt sit for a photo!
Good to have the day off and now only a 4 day work week...thats something to smile about

HA! had to toss in one of my food faces!! That was part of my dinner last night....have a great week!!!



  1. It's funny how the butterflies seem to have a 'right' and 'wrong' side. I can just see you chasing them all over the neighborhood just so you can share them with us. I love the monarda too. I've never seen that version of it.

  2. Hey Sondra...What a beautiful that first shot!! Your butterflies are lovely to, but that last one...didn't your Mother ever tell you not to play with your food..LOL!!
    Thanks for your comment on my post ...ya I know you have a lot on your plate..hope things get better for the both of us!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Sondra! Yes, my goldfish are friendly guys, but I really would like to farm tilapia in the dome's tank, but I suspect that I would not be able to keep the correct tilapia temp for them to thrive.

    Oh, well. Manny, Moe and Jack will have to do.

    Love your gorgeous photographs and yes, you should have a book of food faces!

  4. You and your food faces!! They are hilarious... Glad you're sharing them. Gorgeous butterflies too..

  5. Great shots as always. Gotta love that face, lol.

  6. Sondra, you know how to make your day brighten up! :)

    The difference between the top side and underside looks sometimes stunning, as if two butterflies - diurnal & nocturnal - were parts of one.

  7. Beautiful images Sondra! Really love the last one. May I come and eat it?:)

  8. Brilliant post - lovely images that are very tranquil only spoilt by the self portraight at the end...... only kidding!

  9. Wonderful post -- you must have been out and about early to catch so many butterflies holding so still for their portraits. Every one of them is great. (And I am laughing to see that you're still playing with your food!)


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