Tuesday, September 25, 2012


WELL looks like we have to use the new interface like it or not I don't do well with change especially when its not my idea.  HA!!.
Wanted to give y'all  a heads up that Im on hiatus from blogging for a while,  having a time crunch lately..
 and its not fair that I don't have time to come by and visit your blogs so I best just keep my mouth shut for a WHILE!   Actually my Mom returned home and so its a lifestyle change for me and my sister is also visiting for a month..So the time I used to spend blogging is now spent visiting with my family..

WE did a hike last week and enjoyed this great waterfall so here's some photos from that, hope y'all don't forget me!! Ill be back soon!






  1. Sounds like you have a house full. You spend that quality time with your family and we'll all be here when you have time to pop back in.

  2. I love your furbabies and the beautiful background.
    Spending time with family is a great break from online stuff.

    Thanks for the info I requested!

  3. I couldn't forget you Dixie Girl! (Plus I have you on my Google Reader, so I'll know when a new post pops up!).....It's a good tradeoff really to give up virtual friends (no matter how lovely we are ;>)) for REAL family....have fun (but do take some pictures for us later on when you have time.)

  4. Enjoy your time spent with family.
    They should always take priority.
    It's good to take a step back from blogging occasionally too.

  5. Yep, what everyone else said- we'll miss ya but do what you gotta do! Enjoy your family and your pups! These photos are great by the way!

  6. I didn't like the new interface when it appeared but I got used to it and so you will, no other option left. Enjoy the time spent with your family; they are important and it's good to leave this virtual reality from time to time. Take care.

  7. looks like a great hike! hope you are enjoying some great time with family. :) happy fall!

  8. Have a great time with your family - We'll miss you, but we understand!

  9. You have such lovely dogs. Have a great time with your family.


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