Sunday, August 5, 2012

Images of Summer!

Not much going on in DixxeLand these days just hot sultry weather! Im looking forward to Labor Day.  I stopped by the river bridge to see how the cliff swallows are doing...BY the numbers of the mud nests the colony is growing!!

                                                             the Wateree River

Most of the nests are empty already, I found a few birds sitting in the shade of the bridge supports resting..

                         On the far side of the river snowy egrets fished the shallows...

Back on the bank these little sulphur's or orange sulphurs? (and you have to help me with the bigger one too)..were puddling in the mud.

I left the river and on my way home I stopped at Goodale Park, to see what's going on around the lake there...

Spotted this what I think is a ruddy darter...(ooopppps Nope probably a red dragonfly? I have no clue)   he wanted me to take his picture!

his wings look like a million little sparkling mosaic tiles.....
and every time Im at Goodale I check on  the pitcher plants, there's two large clumps growing in the front edge of the lake... these are some of my favorite plants..

                     other cool plants growing around the lake, include...


                                                  Lots of water lillies of course...


I like to see the cattails around the edge of the lake... reminds me of the corndogs at the county fair when I was a kid!


                   ...and this tattered red admiral was sitting quiet which is amazing...

The trumpet vine blooms all summer...I have one rooted in a plastic bottle in the kitchen widow...I HOPE I can one day have flowers like these on it, the hummers love these.


... at the back of the lake some egrets fished far off, but this one redheaded woodpecker flew around checking out the snags in the water...


and not too far from shore this  anhinga made the perfect garnish for this flat topped cyprus...

Summer 2012 will soon be a fading memory,before you know it we will know if the Myans had a clue about beginnings and endings!!



  1. That's quite a nest colony of the Swallows, and a great close up of the dragon.
    Can't help with the butterfly ID; and something I always find strange....seeing your Red Admirals. We have the same butterfly over here. Real beauties.

    Let's hope the Myans got it wrong.

    1. Thats amazing I didnt know the Red Admiral is over there too...This one appears old normally they are zipping around so fast

  2. Hi Sondra..Enjoyed seeing your summer photos...they are just great!
    Pitcher plants I haven't seen in a long time,but they do grow here..they are fascinating !!
    Those nests are so cool...and "wow"so many of them ..amazing!! : }
    The last one is a great shot!! : }
    The reference to the Myans made me laugh..; }}}}

  3. I completely agree with Keith, it does always seem really odd to see the Red Admiral there ;-) I'm no expert and can't identify your dragon but don't think you have the Ruddy Darter there, I think only in Europe?

    I think you have excelled yourself with beautiful photos here Sondra, the first in particular is stunning and also the egret!

    I have left late comments on the last couple of posts also.

    1. WELL I wondered why I had never seen a ruddy darter before I dont have a dragonfly ID book, so I pulled up photos online, didnt pay attention to where they are found...maybe its a red dragonfly!

  4. I think there's a LOT going on Sondra! And you photographed it beautifully. Love the (I think it's a ) dragonfly? With the mosaic looking wings...all beautiful pix.

  5. Hi Sondra, this is a great series of photos. The anhinga looks wonderful and the pitcher plants look very unusual not being in a pot where I'm used to seeing them :)
    I like the first shot of the Wateree River, it looks very "dimensional" and symmetrical. Do you know those pictures created by folding the paper in half, then opening it, dropping ink in the middle part and closing again? The ink creates a symmetrical shape then...

    1. Thank you Petra...I recall making those inky folded images in elementary art class how fun it was eh?

  6. A visit to your blog is a reminder of the beauty of the simple things we (I) often brush on by - like the grass seed heads. It's official - your a wildlife whisperer. They seem to come and land or stand still just so you can capture them.

    1. Hi Joyce! I enjoy looking for small stuff its just as important and every small bit makes up the bigger picture. Thank you for your comment!!

  7. Some really lovely pictures here. We've had a couple of rainy nights that have taken the temps down to tolerable! The thunder storm this morning started before dawn and rumbled on forever it seemed. Usually they only last 1/2 hour .. this lasted a couple of hours or more.

  8. Those pitcher plants are spectacular. I've never seen them with so many colors. Do you know I never had a corn dog until I went on the road. See how traveling has broadened my horizons?

  9. Ahhh I love that river shot... Well, I love all of these really... And majorly jealous of that Red-headed Woodie!

  10. What beautiful nests. I was surprised to see the pitcher plants. That's our provincial flower. They grow up on the bogs here. Interesting plants. Your pictures are wonderful as always.

  11. Sondra, Your photos are wonderful! I truly enjoyed the pitcher plants, Cliff Swallow/nests and the very special Red-headed Woodpecker.


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