Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Grouchy Avocado

doesn't this resemble Groucho Marx or Oscar the Grouch?
Ive had nothing blog I figured I would highlight the top 10 reasons why I'm so grouchy lately:

  1. I wont go into my thoughts on how Women CANT get pregnant when raped,  this brilliance according to the Right Republicans!
  2. Mum's the word about the report released this week that the Dead Middle Class shrank more in the past 10 yrs than it has since WWII
  3. I wont do the math, CUT taxes and start TWO decade long wars and then complain that we're in the RED! DUH or should I put GWB!
  4. I will continue to work the job I have since I struck out on my job search, so its no benefits, no yearly review, (which means no raise) and no place to turn.
  5. I wont say a word about my flip flopping x who has sued me and is forcing the sale of land that's been in the family for nearly 40 yrs!
  6. I am using all my restraint by not calling the sheriff's office to complain about the neighbor who has to play his music so loud..he is an acre away and I can hear his crappy taste in music over my own, with my doors closed!
  7. I wont complain about gas prices shooting beyond the point of my budget!
  8. I will not worry about my son who lost his job or wonder when he'll find another one.
  9. I wont begrudge him the use of my prized silver bullet till his ship comes in.
  10. AND last but NOT least I will continue to save money  for my early retirement although the bank that recruited my savings account is paying me a WHOPPING return of,
     ZERO point ONE %!  CAN I hear an amen to that one!! AND they just informed me that in order to not pay a surcharge I have to keep $1500 in my account at all times! WOW IM so blessed to have such a bank dont you think?
Im currently reading Blue Highways...its a super read he sometimes puts up a news headline to make a mine would be:


NOW On the bright side...I eat a lot of avocados :o) recall how they used to tell us to take an avocado pit, make a split in it and suspend it over a glass of water after inserting a toothpick in each end? AND this was supposed to grow an avocado tree!! WELL forgot that crap..
I grew one just tossed it into my compost pile added that compost to the garden bed and SHA-ZAM! Avocado tree, actually 6 of them made trees!  I chopped them up as I chopped up my compost and that was what encouraged the roots to grow.

Avacado Sandwich 

What about a coffee table book of these Funny Food Faces?

                                                                           Slimy Limy

I like the way I caught the light in the eyes of this one!!
Life is wayyyy too serious sometimes dont you think?



  1. Hi Sondra...LOL playing with your food..."WHY NOT"!!! It is very entertaining, and yes the light is perfect on the "EYES" "Well Done" ; }
    Your top ten list gives proof to the perfect reason why you could be "GROUCHY" DARN IT!!
    Great avocado tree...we should all be dead and buried and pushing up avocado tree before that thing bares fruit!! ; }

    1. Thanks Grace...YEAH Im so full of it lately...I HAD to share LOL whats that old saying Misery loves company?

  2. At least you can smile about it.

    Sounds like you're having a tough time at the moment.

    #1 sounds like something our judges come up with from time to time. (most times)
    And #5 ...... I can't believe someone could stoop so low.

    Great catchlights in the last picture lol

    1. LOL yes Keith Im trying to keep the stiff upper lip but sometimes it trembles...hugs to you.

  3. Sondra, I'm so grateful for the smiley in the end, life is not easy... :)

    Banks are creatures living of our needs and always seek their advantage. I also have to keep some money on my account but if I convert crowns into dollars, it's about $10. But I guess the amount varies from one bank to another according to the type of the account.

    BTW I've never eaten avocado! I've seen it in greengrocers but I've never bought one.

    1. OH Petra you must get an avocado and try it...Delicous addition to any meal!!

  4. The smiley face is fun Sondra but I'm so sorry you're obviously having a really tough time at the moment! Number 5. Is really horrible, 6. Is a pain! 10. I can relate to :-( and going back to 1. Does that idiot belong to the same weird lot as that ghastly Palin woman?...she's very worrying!!!

    1. Hi answer to your question, I do believe he is a "Tea" Party candidate..and ghastly is a great way to describe Palin for sure!

  5. I'm so sorry you're having these huge problems. I'm glad you can still put it all aside and play. This too shall pass. I see retirement and travel on the horizon. Take care.


  6. I agree about gas prices, and the other nine things you have listed on there.

    -Tony Salmeron
    Tree Pruning Hendersonville NC

  7. Oh dear, I can't blame you for being a bit grumpy. Although, I have to admit that I did get a chuckle out of your post simply because I could feel your frustration and I've felt the same thing myself at times. They've had the comment with regards to that idiot Republican on our news quite a bit. Never mind, things can only get better from here on in.

  8. Oh, meant to say...I love the veggie picture.

  9. BOO!!!! Except the food face of course.. I love that. Not sure what bank you've got out there but I joined a credit union at the beginning of the year and I get 3.00% interest on my CHECKING with no minimum balance! I do have to use my debit card a certain number of times a month but I do that easily. Just saying- maybe you can find something like that?

    1. Hmmm good idea Im going to check into that Jen thanks for the tip!! There is a credit union about 5 blks from where i work!!

  10. Yeah, I'd shop around for a new bank! I have a neighbor like that. I gave up driving because I can't afford to keep a car on the road anymore. Guess what I'm saying is, "I HEAR YOU!". Tell your ex to shove it. How can he do that?

    1. WITH a lawyer AND A judge! I can fight it, but then I have to pay a lawyer $300 an hr and I just dont have the funds to PAY for a fair fight! ANother hearing on Oct 29th! I just want it to be OVER so I can go forward without stones in my way.

  11. Keep on smilin'! Cuz what else can you do. I am going to e-mail you a video link that maybe will make you laugh a little bit.

  12. It is sometimes a job to stay on the positive side of life, isn't it?! Hoping many of your stressors are alleviated one way or another. Sending happiness your way, anyway. :) Your summer pics are beautiful! How great it is to get out and explore. Yes, we LOVE New Mexico. It's truly the Land of Enchantment and is so under the radar of most people.

  13. Love the grouchy salad! Ha, ha. Oh to be so creative!


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