Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whats New Around the Homestead

Yesterday was Friday 13th? Glad I didnt know that all day, I thought it was just any ole Friday...I am safely at home tucked into my chair and chilaxing after a hard week....and here it is already the weekend...
Last weekend on Saturday I worked on a project that I had been wanting to get done for a while.  Making some changes in the yard and the area where I used to keep a larger pool with fountain I decided to create a Water Garden, It needs more work and I may re-do it because Ive since learned its better to put the plants in submerged pots....Instead of how I did it, but putting the soil directly in the bottom of the pool...but here it is,

AS you can see our trees are almost in full leaf now, the pool needs more plants and the squirrels have eaten the ones I put in to start with.... NO surprise there...

Anyways I wanted to add another water feature to the yard so I bought this pot....already had the pump and the bamboo, I have several laying around...I WANT more, I love bamboo.. So here's my raw materials...

SO I cut the bamboo into a couple of pieces, ran the tubing inside and then to the pump and filled the pot with pebbles and water...and added a whimsical dragon fly and WA-LA!!


AND a different angle....

IT makes a JOLLY sound in the yard..

Other things happening in the yard are the Holly Hock Seedlings will soon be ready to transplant..It will take an entire yr before I see bloom, IF they survive...SO I may transplant these into pots for at least half their childhood..

and some cheerful color is here and there on the ground...

Meanwhile by the window....and at the feeder the QUE is growing, Here a Chipping Sparrow, House Finch and f. Northern Cardinal are giving me the look...

wtheck happened to the seed? One word SQUIRREL WAR!!

                                  Hope your trough if FULL...have a great weekend!!
(pssstttt......IM waiting to hearback  from the bank to see if they're gonna loan me the money to buy our family homestead that has been in the family 40 yrs  from my soon to be X, to keep it from being sold out from under PLEASE if you have any pull with the Gods, or the Universe....send some good thoughts my way----all the little critters here in DixxeLand appreciate it!)



  1. Good luck with the bank!! Enjoyed the photos of your yard and birds. I love the new little water pot! How cute the birds are, all lined up outside your window, hungrily waiting! I don't have many flowers in my yard, but hollyhocks seem to survive the harsh environment, and they reseed and delight me every year. Have a good weekend!

  2. I love that little water feature Sondra!! You made it look so easy, I wouldn't have a clue about the wiring side of it!

    Lovely to get a glimpse of what's happening in your garden, the birds look so sweet all lined up :-)

    Sending you every bit of good luck and positive HAS to be OK!!!! What a horrible position to be in :-(

  3. Love the sound of the water in your video. One of lifes 'moments' I think.
    The queue at the window was great lol

    And good luck with the bank. Sounds like that homestead should be yours anyway.

  4. Love love your yard -- a piece of Paradise! (The water garden is wonderful -- I love the whimsical touches here and there and of course the birds.

    Sending good thoughts for the homestead.

  5. A wonderful post Sondra... My Mum has a little fountain in her garden powered by a little solar panel... she loves to sit in her garden and hear running water.
    re: Man Utd (spit) I do work in Manchester but live just 25 miles from work and Liverpool. At school aged five I had a best friend who's Grandad had played for Liverpool and Scotland(before the Titanic).
    We became each others best man at our (my first) weddings years later.

  6. Ah, what cool water gardens! Never even thought about doing that... Love the lined up birds too, you should hand out numbers.

    I too am sending nothing but good energy and positive thoughts your way...

  7. Just delightful. I'm not a gardener at all, but I did a double take on the birds. :)

  8. I really like the water pot. We grow lots of bamboo grass, will check to see if any of the stalks are wide enough.



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