Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today is the first day Ive felt good in 10 days...the cold has been keeping me from sleeping well...and with all the other stuff going on, its been wearing me down.  So when life gives you lemons what do you do? Take Pictures!! What else?

The northern cardinal was singing up high in the tree...

He shared the canopy with the Great Crested Flycatcher, who wouldnt turn around for a face shot..but gave me a good Butt shot!!

this chipping sparrow has an injury, wish I could do something but alas he was up in the tree weary of me...hope he makes it....

I wonder if a hawk got a hold of him? Or the Screech owl that lives in the hollow of the tree...
The fur balls are always close by..watching my every move..

and why is it, the camera focus's beyond the twigs and got the squirrel, but when I tried the same thing with this female N. Cardinal....well it didnt!!

User error? OF course..lol

and I didnt have the tripod, so this short vid is kinda shakey, but you may get a kick outta it anyways..

The high pitched whistle at the end is the Great Crested , they have that disticnt Police Whistle call....
So these small creatures made my day so much brighter...hope the same happens for you!!



  1. Nature is certainly the best tonic to lift the spirits Sondra.
    Enjoyed the video clip. Always fascinating watching woodpeckers hammer away on a tree; great power and strength.

  2. Poor sparrow! I've never seen one with blood on it, hopefully it wasn't too bad of an injury. Don't get me started on focusing... my camera has been making me crazy lately. Liked the video- woodpeckers are rad.

  3. Shooting can take one miles away from uncomfortable thoughts, good idea Sondra! The video is great, you could never capture the strength of those hits and the "neck movements" in a photo. :-)

  4. Birds are guaranteed to cheer you up Sondra, well they do me....although with the amount of out of focus photographs I take I do sometimes wonder why I bother and that makes me feel down!!! :-(

    Such a shame about the little injured one, I hope it heals.

    Loved that piece of video, it's a wonder they don't get dizzy with all that head banging ;-)

    Still sending lots of positive and peaceful thoughts your way Sondra!

  5. You take better pictures when you're sick than I do when I feel tip-top. They brightened my day! Take care, keep on gettin' better.

  6. Glad the wee critters cheered you up. I know how you've been feeling (having just recovered myself) and a bit of cheering was definitely on the "need" list.

  7. Great birds and I enjoyed your post. I do hope you are feeling better now. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I like your attitude and "fix".
    Gee...I am so jealous of you having Pileated Woodpeckers living nearby. It was neat to see him working that tree.
    BTW...I truly enjoyed your book!:)

  9. Thanks Jean, Im so glad you enjoyed it!! I wish I could get a main stream publisher to take it on!


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