Monday, December 26, 2011

YIPPIE--a sunny day!

My son and I had a wonderful Christmas together--IT was simple and lovely from my point of view and I think he felt the same he was all smiles!!

Feels like Sunday to me...but of course its Monday and IM OFF..

WOW feels so good to be off for more than a weekend.
I did some yard work early getting ready to "sweep" the front yard that is buried under about 40 ton of fallen SO I got 5 gallons of gas for the mower and guess how much I paid per gallon? $2.98 I filled up my car too...and tomorrow I'll probably take the D-L Express (my van) down and fill her up too!! JIC it shoots back up --ya know how it is...down by the interstate the gas was $3.06 can we say RIP OFF--

So after the yard prep (pickin up the larger sticks, and raking the leaves that had drifted up against the fence) I had to go to Quaker cemetery to take 2 grave photos to complete the 16 I agreed to take.  Somehow I missed 2 of them..DUH--
well I always see other interesting bits of real-life when Im there like this Italian Cypress tree its TALL and arrow straight...

Some of the family plots were decked out for the holiday...

One of the interred received roses for Christmas...sure was pretty garnised with Eastern Red Cedar greenry saturated with beautiful blue berries.

The cemetery has lots of wrought iron, and brickwork too I love this old wall that surrounds some of the older graves..

I like to combine birdwatching with all other activities...its easy to do, not easy to photo the birds you find tho---

I wonder if this northern mockingbird is thinking of eating these fake berries on this fake floral arrangement? Sure hope not..yuk. He was guarding a small family plot in the new area...he was not happy with me being around and made a couple of low fly-bys to get me moving!

HE blends in nicely colorwise dont you think?

after this stop at Quaker I headed out to Lee County to take 3 more photos for another family and stayed the rest of the afternoon, I really liked this tree it was quite lovely as the sun went down...

then I headed home and was greeted by this lovely sight in the darkening sky...

I had a great day....cant wait till tomorrow--but for now I HAVE to get back to eating CHOCOLATE leftovers!!




  1. Beautiful shots - especially the Cardinal - WOW!

  2. Fantastic pics! A wonderful way to spend the day.

  3. I'd love to pay your petrol prices Sondra lol
    I quickly worked ours out against yours; we're paying the equivalent of $9.30 a gallon, at your cheapest price. So much tax on ours.

    I love the shots of the Mockingbird. A beauty. You certainly had a full day.

  4. This post just has it all Sandra! Sharing your holiday joy and more about your wonderful volunteering ... and your beautiful pictures -- I love it. Glad you had a good Holiday. You could use that mocking bird picture as a Christmas card.

  5. Wow I love that tree shot and the moon is gorgeous too... The mockingbird on the grave is awesome but the one with him in the flowers is great- he almost looks like a fake bird.

  6. These shots are gorgeous!
    Love the cardinal and mockingbird shot!
    Prices for patrol in Germany are even worse, but here, it's a joke.
    You get a full tank here for $3.50...

  7. wow, these are beautiful shots! love that tree!

  8. As always, lovely pictures. I think my favorite is the tree and the way you did the edges.

  9. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas with your son. As usual, your photos are wonderful. I finally figured it out - your a bird whisperer - that is why they pose so perfectly for you.

    Happy New Year

  10. Fabulous shots. Glad to hear that you had a good Xmas with your son.


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