Monday, December 5, 2011

What I did FIND---

This was my last weekend to get out and about for a while CAUSE I've committed to painting the living room--ugh.  The ceiling too-and its tall...10 ft. SO that means up and down the ladder..oh Ill be sore I bet.  Course I have to work till 5 every day too so I wont start until Saturday.

bought paint and gathered everything so there is no reason NOT to get busy..anyways I had to photograph a couple of graves in the neighboring graveyard I never found!! I followed the directions exactly but NADA so Im trying to find out where it is...and having NO Luck. I depend on the Internet to tell me everything that I dont already know **clears throat** and this time dang thing is SPEECHLESS...seems to NOT KNOW the answer to my question...hmmm could it be the Information highway has hit a jam? Possibly.

SO as I ran up and down the county roads looking...saw this rather large flock of wild turkey

They decided to "head for the hills" when I stopped...and a good idea cant trust those humans..grrr

SO I decided to look south...for the graveyard.  Didnt see it---and suddenly I thought it has snowed...

but nope... its COTTON and lots of it..can you believe how expensive cotton is these days? The cost has gone up greatly..Did a 360 and zoomed off to the east surely that dang graveyard is close by...
Ran into this guy he found me to be very charming, and I felt the same way about him...

On the search once again I found this really cute Christmas Tree farm...the trees are not grown yet but they sure are well groomed..

BY Now I am getting pretty frustrated I cant find this dang cemetery!! I head into town to see if I can get directions...Bishopsville is the home of Pearl Frayar the sort of famous topairist...and he has the trees in the center of town looking spiffy for sure...BUT NOT One person to ask directions..thats my van on the street.

IT was practically a GHOST town...I guess they are all at WALMART!!!

OH here is something new from my bank which was Wachovia and is now Wells Fargo..they show HOW I spend my money...

I was shocked. and pleased to know what is consuming 21% of my spending will be paid OFF really soon been paying that debt off since 2007 and the end is IN SIGHT. HOPEfully 2012 will be the turning point for me...and I can begin to come out from under debt.  As you can see Im pretty frugal.

**Doing the Happy Dance here*** and My boss asked me what days I want off for the holidays and I said Can I have the whole week between Christmas n New Yrs and she said YES..
Now all would be wonderful if I could find that dang cemetery...I NEED to get that grave photo!!!A day out sight seeing beats a day working any day!!!!!



  1. That was a great day for you (if not for the people who wanted you to find that grave)...I sort of hate it that W-F knows how we spend our money, it's a little bit freaky.

    What a great time to get some vacation. When we were younger and worked, Bill taught .. and until I worked long enough to get that week off for vacation, I used to be so jealous when he and the kids could stay home and sleep in and then play with the toys. It was such a joy to get to take that time off too after a few years on the job, so I know how you feel.

  2. Great post! Gotta wonder about that cemetery... maybe some kind of ancient burial ground with no headstones? Love the turkeys and the pony and the ghostly town! Good luck with the living room!

  3. Well, you might not have found the grave you were searching for, but you found some great pictures.

    I love that street view Sondra. Always interesting for me to see other parts of the world through the lens of the people that live there.

    When you've paid that card off, you'll be a rich woman! lol

  4. Will keep my fingers crossed for you to find the graveyard!
    But hey, at least you got some beautiful pics ;-)
    Have fun with the ceiling, hehe ;-)

  5. Interesting tour. Glad you did obsess on just finding the cemetery. Where are the people in that town? And it's such a cute place. I don't see a 'fun' category on your pie chart. I certainly hope it's hidden in there someplace.

  6. Great post and photos. I have to agree with you, a day off sightseeing is way better than a day at work. I hope you find the cemetery. Good luck!

  7. As I've seen some photos of those old graveyards, they really may not be easy to be found. Is it sure that this grave still exists in a way to be recognised? I wish you good luck!

    The Christmas Tree farm looks wonderful, all the trees are so neat. :-)

  8. Grave seeking sure takes you around the countryside! Can't believe the ghost town! No one in sight.

    Happy for you that you got that whole week off. Yippee! Have a great holiday.

  9. hahaha, I got quite a chuckle out of your post. Love the pictures.

  10. I'm doing a happy dance for you.:)

    Merry Christmas my southern friend!!!


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