Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last days....

of 2011 ha! GOT YA!!!  I cant wait for 12, 21, 2012 about one yr from NOW...just to see if those darn Myans had a clue or NOT..

I dont have much exciting to share but wtheck ---I'll share it anyways.
WELL ITS finally done...the painting that is...and the decorations are up too...no tree just a poinsettia...I LOVE LIVING SIMPLE..

AND I found it...
That cemetery I couldnt find a couple weeks ago...Well it was on a small dirt road that looked like an old logging road...I just had a feeling and there is was, sitting back in the woods hidden and very secluded...

Plaque says: Barnes Cemetery established Aug 26, 1868,
Sherman's Army Came Here...They came, they conquered, and they left a LOT Of bodies in their wake! Senseless...
not far from the cemetery  I saw this cool old log structure...maybe as old as the cemetery-- who knows!!

These guys were hanging out near our house when I returned...there's 3 more in the edge of the woods...just out of the frame...one little young one too...

 I clicked quickly so its a little blurry,...SOMETIMES you get a second chance...I got one more shot at this one she was trying to communicate with me, mental telepathy, she was asking...

'WHY do most rednecks want to kill me'?????? I replied, "Because they have NO heart, brain, or conscious"
Arent they  beautiful---i cant believe some people bozo's would end this precious life... for SPORT? To me (and a lot of others) its just WRONG!!!! (good thing this is MY blog...eh?) Awww she has family who depend on her... look at that peaceful face and I Love those fuzzy ears...AND look how fat she is...and that was the last thing she said before she sprang off into the woods....;o/

Here is our little homestead nestled in the pines...I have a whole list of chores to get done around here while IM off and some time for fun things too...
Just have to finish out this week and IM Free till the end the yr..
I really hope all of you have a great winter celebration and get your new yr off to a great start...I think while Im relaxing Ill read back to Dec 20, 2010 and see what I was up to...great to have this blog to keep track of my little piece of the rock and to spread my message of Peace, to each and for all the creatures of this Earth. 



  1. Sondra, I LOVE you home...inside and out. Simple is more!
    Oh...I feel the same way about the deer. Yet I am not against responsible hunting.
    Merry Christmas my Southern friend.:)

  2. Like Jean, I love your place! So beautiful, inside and out!
    And the deer shot is a cracker! wow!
    Glad you found that cemetery along with more beautiful photos!

  3. Hi Sondra...Paint job done and looks great..and yes simplicity ..I am going to remember to do that next year, but I did tell myself that the year before...lol well I get it someday!!
    Love that second shot of the deer ..what a beauty she is...I agree with you totally "yup I do"!!
    Great little shack there in the woods near the old grave yard too!

    Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

  4. A lovely place you have Sondra.
    I think my little hovel would fit in your living room. lol
    Glad you finally found your cemetery you were looking for.

    Have a good Christmas and New Year.

  5. You have a lovely home. Cute shots of the deer. Happy Holidays, I wish you all th best in 2012.

  6. The living room looks great, and I love how your house is literally in the middle of trees! Glad you found that cemetery too.

    I'm with you on the hunting... Was disgusted to read about this: http://themoderatevoice.com/132200/pennsylvania-legislators-shoot-down-pigeons—again/

    What is wrong with people?? Anyway, hope you have a great last week of work (for the year)!

  7. It would certainly be a turn up for the books if one of these end of the world predictions finally came true.

    Nice house and glad you found the cemetery.

  8. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm having a big party on Dec 20, just in case. You're invited!

  9. Would that be your 'Little House in the Woods'? Very scenic and wildlife too. It a good thing that cemetery marker wasn't from 1868, it looks pretty new.

  10. If the Mayans are right, it sure is going to provide a lot of great photo ops. I love that little log cabin, but not in the winter tho.

  11. Diana thats a great IDEA!! WE should redo that old PRINCE song and make it "Party Like ITs Dec 20,2012!"

  12. Great painting job -- love your house! And especially it's location -- I agree totally with the deer -- I think you are amazing doing your cemetery hunts and am glad you found that one -- I wish you peace and joy durng this Holiday season and in 2012 (I am going to ignore the Mayan prediction as long as I can anyway ;>)...and I have to add ha ha I have more decorations than you do -- I have TWO poinsiettas (and that's all). Cheers. To 2012 and the simple life!

  13. trekking your amazing blog! keep blogging! happy holidays!


  14. I hope you have a lovely Christmas Sondra xx

  15. Bozos?, I'm afraid I call them a lot worse than that. I could say a lot of things about these sick people but am going to keep my mouth shut, lol. Those deer are beautiful. Your homestead looks very cosy. I'm glad you found the graveyard after all. Always great pictures here on your blog.

  16. What a lovely little home you have set in the trees.

    Hope you are enjoying your free days ... how could you not?!


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