Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ive neglected the blog and sorry bout that..I will visit soon as I can...Im so busy these days not much time for internet...But I did want to post this before it got to be old news...

MY sister is here visiting from Colorado and we wanted to MUCH to get in a waterfall hike while she is here and this past weekend we went upstate and stayed with our Other sister!! YES the Sister Act together again...

                                                       My Sisters and Besties

We had a great Sister visit..and it was SO nice to get to be with 2 of my favorite people and their dogs...
We hiked to Station Cove Falls at Oconee Station and near Oconee State Park...

The falls didnt have much water since we had such a dry summer but the moss and trickle made a really great impression on us!!

                Along with us came Jimmy he traveled all the way from Colorado by car to be with us...

AND INDY..who you've seen on my blog before...

ITs that time of year when lots of yellow are blooming like this one--

And this I have no clue what it is...

WE had a wonderful day for a hike too....My spirits were soaring!!



  1. What a great hike to share with your sisters. I love the mossy trickling waterfall and the sweet furbabies.
    The hawk in flight was icing on the cake. Great shot!
    PS...Work is preventing me from blogging as I would like.:(((

  2. Love the waterfall. And what a great time with your sisters and canine friends. Lovely post.

  3. Hi Sondra...those fall are wonderful..I love waterfalls just something magical about them!!
    The sister act looked like agreat time, and having those two dog along ..they great looking !!


  4. Hooray for the Sister Act! And I love the waterfalls -- beautiful picture even if there's not as much water as there is sometimes.

    I'm glad for my Google Reader since it shows me when there's a new post from my favorite bloggers.

    I am always in awe of people who work full time and yet have time to blog (I wouldn't have had the energy) -- so don't ever feel guilty -- we understand perfectly!!!!

  5. A wonderful hike Sondra... thanks for sharing..
    The waterfall looks amazing and all the more so being just a trickle... lovely images.

  6. Am sorry to have missed you, but time with sisters is precious and not to be missed. Waterfall was perfect as it is, one can always see those with torrents of water.

  7. Quick hi -- hope you're doing OK and just busy working (and maybe having a little fun too)!!! Thanks for visiting

  8. Looks like a great place Sondra. That waterfall looks like something out of a fairytale.

  9. I've been very little on the internet myself. Just trying to catch up a bit tonight (still way behind from when I was at the coast for a week).

    Glad to see you had some good sister time

  10. Fabulous pictures as always. Sounds like you girls had a good time. The dogs are just beautiful.

  11. Ooh awesome waterfall!! Even if there wasn't much water it sure is beautiful... Love the pictures of the dogs too.

  12. What a great hike; and those falls are superb.
    Love the shots of the two dogs.

    And the last one, of course. :-)


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