Friday, September 2, 2011


A few days off, but not off Monday will be off Thrusday! I am working toward a goal--yes I have plan and a goal!! My goal is to work until I can be financially independent (notice I didnt say well off) Thats at least 4 yrs from WHY not get a head start? 

There are LOTS of adventures on my bucket list. For now I have to I recently purchased this which although it will use more gas than my Blazer I can sleep in it so that saves in the long run....and there is room to travel with  a friend and both my dogs!! Its a Dodge Ram Van 1500- 8 cylinder 5.2 litre its a 2001 model and its been taken very good care of for the most part--

It needs some TLC as most used vehicles the windshield has a crack and the brakes need to be serviced...and the carpet needs to be cleaned or maybe replaced (I can do that myself)  the previous owner was a SMOKER YUK so gotta fumigate it....once its ready its going to be fine for my plans I HOPE--I also plan to add (at some point ) a small (possibly vintage camp trailer) to the "Locomotive" for those trips when I plan to take more time--such as an entire summer. 

 So a peek in my plan.  I call my "dream life" DixxeLand, so this is the
Dixxeland Express it takes me OUT of Dixie, and into the real world...

This is the 2 rear passenger seats which can be removed when I want...

and this is the bench seat that folds down into a single bed.

All the windows have some really great blinds that raise and lower for privacy

it has a TV and VCR in the back and rear AC- Of course when I take it camping I would bring along a fan to keep me cool at night.

I want to be very mobile and not have any size restrictions so this should be the ticket...and when I plan a trip of a week or less the van is great for a campground situation like when I get back to my waterfall hikes... or for Boondocking too-When I desire!  A campground with a picnic table and some electric hook ups possibly a tent or awning would be nice too!

Ive ordered this really cool personalized plate for the front bumper in SC we dont have to have front Bumper plates so we get to be creative!

I have some great ideas for making a portable kitchen -- all one needs is a small fridge or electric cooler, a hot plate, a coffee maker, and MAYBE a small Microwave--A small Ultra Lite utility trailer may also be in my future to carry all my Camp Stuff- until I get the camper.....

When Mom wants to travel with me its roomy enough for her Yugo walker and the dogs and we can do a motel room on those occassions! I think it will fit my needs perfectly.  IT may be a while before I get in a trip since my Boss said
"When do you think you're getting time off to travel?    ;=0(



  1. Wow wow wow! I had no idea about this plan of yours but it sounds exciting! Congrats on the new van, looks pretty comfy.. Is that a VHS player?! Don't let the man get you down!!

  2. Well well well....aren't we right in the planning for some fun times girl out where you can hear the grass!!
    Good for you...I hope this all works out for you!!

    Enjoy your days off!!


  3. Hooray for you!! You won't be surprised to hear that I love the van. And I wish for you that the time on your countdown flies, but that in the meantime you find time for some short shakedown cruises.

    Does it have any kitchen inside at all?

  4. Oh my but this looks GREAT! I bet you can't wait to hit the open road. Darn working for a living anyway! I wish I didn't mind traveling by myself but I don't. So fun to plan out all the possibilities.

  5. Sondra, Whoa...that is one very cool traveling van!!! It should be a piece of cake to add the kitchen stuff.You will get the smell of smoke out. I speak from experience.Wink..wink.
    You have a great plan. In a way I envy you...but in a good way.:)

    PS...I am having a time keeping my Hummer feeders filled...due to working 10 days. I am guessing that Irene has caused your Hummer increase...It drove them southward.

  6. Thanks Ladies...Nope no kitchen so thats why at some point Ill be adding a little pull along camper with me for those longer stays when I need Full service--

  7. I like it - it's perfect for your plans. Does the TV run on DC? If not, you may want to get a small inverter.

  8. Looks great Sondra. Hope you have a lot of fun it though I will never cease to be amazed at the size of engines in American cars. 5.2 litre? It would be 2.5 max here in the UK.

  9. What a great plan you have. The van is fabulous. You'll have lots of fun in that one.

  10. Congrats on the new wheels! It looks really nice. If you have trouble getting the smoke odor out, we bought some used furniture that I didn't realize smelled until too late. I tried different things, but what really worked was setting it out in the hot Arizona sun.

  11. Sounds like a great vehicle and you have great plans. If it were mine, it would have to be a four wheel drive. Hope it works out for you.

  12. Hi Diana, I dont know yet--I think its already Inverted--I hope so anyways..I will def check that out....I was thinking of replacing it eventually with a HDTV so I can get channels via the air waves--and I have a small DVD player already that I can use.

  13. Freedom Road - here you come! Love the Dixieland Express. It will be a good traveling home for you.
    Fabreeze works good on upholstered things.
    The countdown days will fly by, mine did.
    I'm so excited for you!

  14. My dream is to retire and travel in a camper... I don't need a lot of space to live in just somewhere to sleep and cook.
    I really feel your excitement Sondra you have just purchased a wonderful adventure making machine.

    Me I'm still dreaming...

  15. I'm slowly catching up here Sondra lol

    What a fantastic vehicle you've got there. I can see some great trips coming up with it.

  16. WOW I enjoyed re-reading this, I've axed the idea of a trailer as I found I don't need it, the van provides all I need. I am happy withmy current set up..and I can boondock or stay in campgrounds! I've had 7 great years with this van so far!


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