Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple Sunday?

Just a simple weekend here in my world...chores etc...
Irene brushed by us and headed northward--glad she didnt hit us..been there done that and dont want to do it again thank you!..
SHE pushed some cool clouds into our area..

Aug 26, 2011

That made for a more dramatic sunset

Sunset Irene

Last night it was so clear the stars were out in force... so I crept out to try and get a long Kodak doesnt have anything longer than 20 this is what I got--

Starry Night

Last week on a cooler day I took a walk around my area checking for signs of fall--- I FOUND it!

Lets take a walk

GoldenrodWild Sensitive Plant with VA Creeper Polkweed



                                WE NEED SOME RAIN !!



  1. That first sunset shot is a cracker Sondra.
    Love the shot of the road too. Excellent.

  2. Oooh the starry shot came out pretty good! I just got back from philly where we got over 8 inches of rain... I would have gladly sent you some!!

  3. Absolutely stunning sky shots!

  4. Those clouds look downright ominous to me, but you got some beautiful shots of them. I'm glad Irene missed you. I think you're really pushing it on the fall pictures. A couple of red or yellow leaves does not make it fall.

  5. Glad you are safe. Your star picture turned out a lot better than mine when I tried it - I only got one star!

  6. I love the first three pictures. Fabulous.


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