Tuesday, August 9, 2011

State of me...

My Blog has really suffered since I went back to work...Well not that it was ever much of a blog/life anyways...Someone asked me why I call my blog My Life My Art...well to me its like My Life is my Creation and when you create thats art---kinda korny I know but it seemed to work well at the time...Before the re-entry I did have some time for day trips etc...now I have weekends and there are those chores and errands that have to be done! EKK...So Im sweating it out --not just the working bit but the summer heat...sultry heat..if thats a word that doesn't seem to have an end in sight...

The economy is taking yet another dive and today I got this 1/2 inch thick introduction to Wells Fargo Bank..they bought out Wachovia  Bank where I keep my little dab of the good life--NOW the big change is in..I have free Checking...OH let me say I HAD FREE checking..I didn't see one  single Free Checking acct in their 300 page introduction booklet...Like I'm gonna read all that--FOR heavens sake, I don't think so! I am thinking I'm gonna need a day off work to go shopping for a new bank--or better yet under the mattress is starting to sound better and better to me..
They keep saying things are going to look up....

Annie Say Yada Yada Yada-

The World has watched the US govt show its butt and the rest of the World has summed us up as unreliable Cant say as I blame them...lets see
  •  CUT taxes in 2001 
  • Keep 2 Multi Million Dollar a Month Wars going since then -
  • Run out of Money 10 yrs later.
  • Seems pretty logical to me that we ended up with
  • Nada in the Knox.


                                                  Flossie what about Wall Street?
Well I'm happy that I am back in the ranks of the employed, just wish it wasn't so hard physically...
I did no less than 50 deep knee bends/squatts  today...(oh my aching buttocks)  Upholstery is a very physical and strenuous job.  I did it for 30 yrs so I know!

I ended up moving to a Credit Union and it's GOOD there!



  1. HI Sondra...oh girl.. I love your logic ..lol
    Some days things seem to be looking up and then there are days I feel like Flossie..roll over and play dead!! I love that picture by the way.. cute!!
    I like your art work too!!
    I'm of to bed ..I deal with the world in the morning!!
    Hope the rest of your week goes well!!

  2. Economy and unemployment problems all over the world it seems, at the moment.
    We've got riots in the cities now too.
    The world seems a terrible place to be just now.

    Flossie seems to have the right idea lol

  3. Hang in there!
    I am trying to grasp the logic of (any) government in the Western world.
    It's millions of Dollars (or whichever currency) in wars, it's aid packages to countries that really do not need it (China) or countries where 95% goes to corruption (Somalia and such) or where we bail out banks, companies and whole dang countries.
    Whereas small businesses go bankrupt and nobody gives a flying damn and we all buy happily the crap that comes from China....
    I'm waiting for the day when I go searching for a hut in the woods. I will miss the Internet though,...

    On a brighter side, I love how the dogs see things and the Hummingbird sure is a cheerful one :-D

  4. I also received a letter that said my Wells Fargo account would no longer be free. When I went in to close it out, they offered several options to keep it free, a couple of which weren't too bad. I closed it anyway because I have another checking account, but if you want to keep it, there are ways.

  5. Sometimes its scary all the things that just pile up on us.
    Your painting is very good..uplifting.
    The cool breezes will come.
    No matter what, manage to take some time for what feeds your soul.. like a walk in nature.

  6. Well the economy sure isn't ggod and am happy to have sold that condo before the bottom falls out of the market. Mind you, money isn't worth much either it seems! With a strata there is a potential for liability so that is one big reason I wanted out of there. And, I really didn't use the place!

    Liked your picture too - original - cheery - bright! Even though things sound glum.

  7. Ow, my butt hurts thinking of that many squats. I'm glad you're working too though (wish some others I knew in your generation would find a job as well). I think I'm going to give up listening to the news; it is so depressing. (Not really, I can't get to quite that Zen state even though there seems like nothing we can do about anything, so why am I worrying anyway?).....

    I admire anyone who works and yet can still find time and energy to blog -- I didn't start until well after I was retired -- don't think I could have done it back when I was working.

  8. A wonderful post Sondra....
    You are not alone.

  9. I think I forgot to say that I love your artwork and also the "looking-up" bird!

  10. Even our riots have calmed down, and now I just hope my shares can rise again sooner rather than later as the world finds its feet ...again.

    I echo everyone elses comments though... stick with it and get the camera out... relax and snap away and forget for a moment the humdrum everyday rises and falls!

  11. I think all depressing financial talk should be separated by great wildlife photos as you have done. It would certainly make the bad news easier to take.

  12. I think the dogs have the right idea. They're wonderful!

  13. Lovely painting! It is sad how these banks want to keep taking our money for the least little thing. I have direct deposit with my pay at work so I get free checking that way. I hope they do not change that. I just love your cute dog. Have a great weekend.


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