Friday, May 6, 2011

Shameless Plead---DREAM BIG

This post is all about ME--I just found out Delta Sky Miles is running a photo contest and the winner gets 100,000 miles!! BOY I could use those miles to finally get to see Hawaii and the Pacific North Western states then I will have enough miles to fulfill my dream of visiting all 50 states!!

DO me a huge favor and vote for my entry click this link to vote --and THANKSSSS!



  1. I voted. Also looked at some of the other photos, and yours really is better!

  2. Thanks JOYCE I appreciate that!!

  3. So sorry Sondra, I tried to vote but I'm not registered with Facebook and it wouldn't let me! I do hope you win though.

    Don't know how I missed your scary T shirt post :) seriously though those Whitewater Falls are awesome!! You took some stunning photos of them!

    As for the Orioles on the previous post! Amazing photos of such colourful birds. They are beautiful, what a gorgeous deep yellow they are.

  4. I've tried a half a dozen times to vote for you but it won't let me. Although I've logged in to face book, it keeps telling me that I haven't. Sorry Sondra.

  5. No worries friends....thanks so much for trying!!

  6. Sondra, I just voted. You really should win with that beautiful image!!!


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