Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking Down

IM so far behind with blog reading and posting--I hope soon I can place my mind back on the blissful parts of life that keep me balanced and in a peaceful state -- like travel, nature, exploring, and birding- One thing I've been wanting to share from my tromps around are these forest plants--I get excited when I see some special ones! 

I saw these gorgeous plants growing in the shade up in the mountains a couple weeks ago when I was hiking--this is a rare trillium and very local in the Piedmont & uplands of the Carolina's.  So it was right where it should be! 

                                          Sessile Trillium

and growing close by was this WakeRobin Trillium sporting a deep blood red flower--its standing amongst sessile trillium and
Wild Ginger Heart Leaf

I like the Solomon's Seal because of the way the little flowers hang down I want to drag my finger along them and imagine the sound of tinkling silver bells--

  AND here is some False Solomon Seal...who knew nature could try to fool us-;o/

A Cherokee Rose finds a sunny dry spot

High Bush Blueberry these little bell shaped flowers remind me of someones cheeks full of air right before they blow out birthday candles...

The Mountain Laurel hugs a blue Carolina sky-

The Pitcher Plant dips its feet in the moist edge around the pond

and verdant Creeping Cedar nestles up in a bright place  

Awww look who came out to share a moment with me...

And it just wouldn't be Dixxeland without a bird----
how about an Eastern King~bird on a wire~

Bird on a Wire

"Just get me through December, I promise I will remember
so I can start again"
~Alison Krauss~



  1. Hi Sondra...don't feel alone I have been going through some things and be happy when things get straighten out to...rain for a week doesn't help...quota space came up on Picasa, internet explorer is not responding 50% of the time eeeekkk...throw crazy family issues in there!!OK.
    Your post is lovely...gorgeous wild plants photos..the Trillums are one of my favorites!!

    I do hope you can some find yourself some peace and contentment soon....will be thinking of you!! sending ♥....Grace

  2. Beautiful macro shots Sondra . I love your plants (and animals).

  3. Beautiful flowers,and the Rabbit and the bird are great too! We have a plant similar to the shown in the eighth picture from the top.

  4. What a lovely post Sondra. Not only do you have such beautiful birds there, but such lovely plants.
    I love that WakeRobin Trillium, a lovely colour. And the Pitcher Plant, a real 'exotic' over here.

  5. I love all these plants and flowers... I love that you can identify them all too! Learning the native plants here is one of my goals for the summer!

  6. Interesting post Sondra and lovely photos!

    As Keith implied Pitcher plants are very expensive pot plants here!

    The Trilliums are very attractive and unusual. One of our dogs had the name WakeRobin as part of her pedigree name, it never made sense to us but perhaps you have just solved a mystery :)

    Your Cherokee Rose looks very much like our Dog Rose!

    Love the photo of the Eastern Kingbird :)

  7. Those are simply gorgeous. Tiny Gems in plant and wildlife!

  8. A lovely visit to nature always helps us realize what is important. Glad you see it too.


  9. Great nature shots. My favorite is the one of the pitcher plant.


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