Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gone Walk About~

The weather is getting hot--and muggy--its the time of year that I become a grumpy camper!! Nothing a good tromp in nature and a cool shower cant cure out I went to clear up the cobwebs, break a sweat,  and to get my mind off current crapiolla'

Speaking of choking somebody ('er was I?) check this out...

This is a wisteria vine, it looks like an anaconda, doesn't it--Putting a choke hold on this pine, the funny thing is the pine doesnt look to be that old--there are pines in my yard that are 40-50 yrs old and they are way bigger than this one...

... this female house sparrow is squinting against the bright I love how birds are so "honest" and unpretencious--there is nothing sneaky about them, they dont need lawyers to tell them what to do...

The local vet has 3 sets of martin homes - this is such a cool structure and Im not the only one who thinks so--

The purple martins are raising their young in these gourds and the house sparrows are taking advantage of it too...they seem to be getting along just fine, they co-exist in harmony--I know the HS's are introduced and all but what can you do at this point-- my genalogy research tells me that I was introduced to NA--------lol

I scared this Great Blue Heron when I went to the park last week for a walk about--he wanted NO part of me--he very honestly moved to the other side of the pond upon my arrival...he didnt act coy, nor was he polite,  he in no certain terms let me know he was NOT happy to see me--

Gliding by...

Goodale pond was looking pretty good that day--some clouds hung around, the sun was in and out--

gave a weird cast to the flower of the lily pads...

..and once again the eastern Kingbird was out hunting, notice that tail how he has it tilted upward and his wings pointing down--he is conversing with a second bird that was hunting nearby--Im not sure what the sign language means but it was def some kind of message!

I think they were hunting together? Hope they're not planning a wedding--big mistake!!   Maybe a young one learning the ropes?..
I'm having dinner with a friend tonight we said we need a good biotch session-- I told her IM NOT dressing up she said OMG do people still do that?? We sure don't --I always dress like I'm getting ready to paint the house, or go beg for money on the
Hope life in your neck of the woods is treatin' you right and if not hope you can git' it straight soon--



  1. Interesting to see the vine wrapped around the tree like that. Yea, it does look like a giant snake lol
    Love that shot of the Eastern Kingbird; and good to know someone else has the same dress 'style' as myself ;)

  2. Haha thank you for the laugh! I could definitely paint the house in what I'm wearing now. Great shot of the heron and the kingbirds!

  3. I too thought the vine looked just like a giant snake! Beautiful photo of the Eastern Kingbird.

    Hope you have (or had) an enjoyable dinner with you friend. I hate having to dress up, weddings etc. are the worst :(

  4. A really nice walk it has been I see! It was so wonderful reading through and looking at those wonderful photos!

  5. That right there was a great walk Sondra and that and dinner out with a friend would have set my mood right ;>).... I think that wisteria vine has choked the growth out of that poor little pine. Your pictures are just beautiful.

    Dressing up in Florida means putting on shoes ;>)

  6. Hi Sondra...sooooo far behind on comments...
    Weekend away can do , but my granddaughter college graduation a wonderful occasion!!
    You funny women you haha...Love that vine.. just crazy.
    I'm starting to get a little grrrrr and ready to choke something to....if it doesn't stop raining pretty soon(9th day with 2hrs of sunshine Saturday afternoon)!!
    "Oh my" those White Pond Lilies...I can just smell them..I think they are beauties...they grow in the head waters of the lakes here, with stem that seem to have no ends!!
    Your photos I enjoyed...thanks my friend....Grace!!

  7. Do you want some of our wind and rain Sondra? That Martin house is a brilliant piece of design and it certainly seems to do the trick.

  8. I love the photos, all the birdies and nature. Sorry it's getting muggy hot! I relate to the grumpy camper part, but at least you still have cold water. Our cold water lasts a few seconds, than it's as hot as taking a warm shower. Saves energy but is counter productive when you want ice cubes,....

  9. Wonderful photos! You never disappoint! We're muggy and hot here too. And, I have a slight attitdue problem because of it. A cool shower doesn't help that much---but yelling does. LOL

  10. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. A lovely post Sondra...A nice read backed up by your beautiful images.

  12. Sondra, I love the Purple Martin houses. I am happy yet surprised that the PM's and HOSP nest in peace. Adore the GBH in flight and the Kingfisher. Fun post!

  13. The Martin homes are quite interesting. Your pictures are as beautiful as always.


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