Friday, February 25, 2011

Refreshed ...

It was such a beautiful day--a bit windy but spring is beginning to burst--

I took a drive to my favorite spot. There is always something to see along the way--never enough rustic barns to satisfy my love of old and weathered wood-(and this makes me wonder why I paint -and yet I love the unpainted look?)

THIS one hides wayyyy off the beaten path-

Finally at Sandhills I parked the car and got out for my walk its about a 2 mile loop around the huge field and a large lake and the frog pond and saw this cool bird nest last yrs model-- 

a couple of yellow rump warblers were hunting insects in the brush maybe that's their old nest?

and WOW heard all these frogs croaking away...take a listen...

Then around by the big lake a few geese floated by...and on the back side of the field are several mature Chestnut trees! These babies are very sharp--OF course I had to test it with my index finger--now sporting a band aid~

I saw a fox squirrel he
did a good
job hiding
but I got
2 not so
hot shots
of him 

these are much bigger than your average Squirrel  (Yogi  Bear
Voice) with
a long tail!

CHECK out the huge
BURL on this tree-
A bowl made from this
would be quite a
conversation piece!
     off to the NEW Pond..this pond is 3 years old, I flushed out a couple of wood ducks, its very secluded and tranquil-
there is a wood duck box way back there on the left side of the maybe---?

Next stop was the Dove Field ...didn't see any Dove flushed a few white throated sparrows ...I thought the grass was awesome!

Had a great day being out and about enjoying my quiet time communing with nature!


  1. Beautiful scenery ... a feast for these winter weary eyes.

    It isn't easy trying to make new friends! I have to force myself. BUT, I'm not a person that likes doing things on my own but love to see other people enjoy my "special" places. SO ... I gird up my loins and make an effort. Sometimes it is a hard slog ... but then comes a rewarding moment. I slacked off on the friendship thing when I married D ... he and I were so contented to be just with each other. I still have my two close friends but they don't live in the same town and they have their own, complicated lives to live. My life is simple in comparison (and actually always has been come to think of it).

  2. Wow that last shot is stunning! All your photos look so warm and springy... Can't wait for it to get like that here!

  3. Those last two pictures look like paintings. I got behind on my blog reading, but I'm caught up now. Sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like he was a very interesting person. Looks like you had a really nice day here.

  4. Gorgeous photos again!
    Glad you had some time out and could recharge your batteries!

  5. What a lovely, peaceful looking visit you had, the scenery is beautiful there.

    I had never heard of a Fox Squirrel, I am learning so much about 'foreign' wildlife from blogs such as yours. I loved the second photo of him! I also loved the little Yellow-rumped Warbler.

    I just realised I missed your Yellow-billed Cuckoo post, that was a great encounter! I do wish I was better at recognising birds by their call/song, it doesn't matter how many times I listen to recordings I still can't do it, maybe that part of my brain isn't developed enough ;)

  6. I can see why it's your favourite spot; I think it would be mine too.
    Beautiful pictures.
    Love the sound of those frogs too, amazing to hear so many like that.
    What a chorus!

  7. Beautiful shots as always! Would like to go to this spot sometime.

  8. Oh how wonderful to here the sound of the frogs..thanks..!!
    Your photo are lovely and peaceful!
    It's snowing here and the sun is out at the same time...: }

  9. I love old barns and weathered wood. Great pictures.

  10. Thanks for a great post! I felt as if I was hiking along side you as you told me about your special place! Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

  11. Looks like a beautiful area. I can see why you like it. And I love that bird nest.

  12. Great series of images. You've really captured the feel of where you live in this.

  13. Oh gosh, that's a beautiful walk! It could be my favorite too. It really looks like Spring is on the way for you.

    That's kind of funny that you love unpainted boards and barns etc;, when you are such a talented painter. But I don't think they're the same sort of thing. Weathered buildings do have character.

  14. Wow! I don't know where to start. All your photos are super!!! I really enjoyed your "Frog calls" video. May I ask how did you posted it on your blog? I am an internet newbie.


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