Friday, February 11, 2011


Today my son says goodbye to his 20's and hello to 30! What a wonderful age to're not old and yet you are an adult--IF only I'd known then what I know now comes to mind for that age---when I was a young girl- a preteen- I entertained the idea of being a mounted policewoman---and it was not until I was 46 that I realized I could have made that dream a reality--if only--

...that night back in 1981 when my son came into the world the moon was in its first quarter that cold windy February night...I went into labor on Feb 10th at 11 pm, he wasnt born until Feb 11 at 8:15 pm!  I was supposed to bowl that night on my league! 

This is not todays moon, but I did notice its a very similar moon to this today...I took this photo a month ago--Today I had some errands to do in "town" and when I got out of my car I saw the moon hanging up in the Southern sky and right in front of the moon was a Bald Eagle soaring...did I have my camera? NOOOOO and If I had Im sure I would have missed the shot, but that image sort of burned itself on my retina--what a sight to see...on this the anniversary of my sons birth!  I was trying to figure out how many full moons my son has seen in his short 30 yrs--its such an amazing thing---the people of Egypt as they shouted in exhaustion today for their freedom--it was this SAME moon hanging over them--that just blows my mind sometimes I forget its everyone's moon and not just mine--

...about 2 weeks was quite early the sun hadnt long been up--I saw that cresent moon and thought it was such a beautiful sight---and then this plane went streaking by--I wondered if the people on board were checking out that moon below that shared the sky with them--my Moon! 

 What a day to Celebrate!         


  1. Oh yes, if only we knew then what we know now! Trouble is, we weren't very good at listening nor taking heed back then. And the young folk today are even less into listening and taking heed to the wisdom of us sages .... ha, ha, ha, ha! Funny how it is the hard knocks that we learn most from.

    Imagine, a son 30 already ... and you still imagining yourself in your 30s no doubt. What a cheat that we are such young things in old bodies! One good thing about eternity ... we'll have it all ... able bodies AND good minds. Yes!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your son!
    What a sweet sentiment :)
    If onlys, nah, I gave up on those.
    I say, if things hadn't gone the way they did, I wouldn't be where I am at now ;)
    You still bowled 9 months pregnant? Whoa!
    And I always wonder if people see the wonders outside their airplane when I see a gorgeous sunrise or a gorgeous moon and a plane in the air.
    So many people just see themselves :(
    I love the moon here, when she lays on her back, never saw that before.
    Will post a photo later :)
    Have a good weekend with hopefully little stress!

  3. Grinning about Cicero Sings comment.
    My Best friend and I talked about just that the other day.... we are 'only' 38, but we sure do NOT feel like we are 38. Somewhere I am still stuck in a playful world full of wonders.
    That's alright though :D
    Hope I can keep that up for another 30 years or more ;)

  4. One more PS: You know that you can resize the Zazzle widget, yes?

  5. Congratulations to your son and to you of course!!

    A very thoughtful post Dixxe, I enjoyed it immensely.

  6. To be 30, it's a great age. It was not until my fortieth when I first started to wonder how old I really was... And also when I started to feel what dreams I could have made true. Well, there is not enough time to live by the if-onlys longer than necessary :-)

  7. Im going to share all these wishes with my SON for his birthday thanks to all who left them...we are having his dinner tonight simple and small--
    Nicole I finally did resize the was WAY too big!

    I know I STILL think in "30"

  8. ;-)

    Had to sat my friends head straight on Saturday.
    She was giving me the I am getting old shit.
    What a bunch of crap....
    She bought a Mini dress the other day and boots to go with it and now she's fretting that if she wears it, she looks like she *needs IT*.
    Not sure I translated that the right way, but I guess you figure where I am leading to.
    I'm like 'screw this'- if it suits you, you feel good in it (and sexy is alright too), WEAR IT for crying out loud!
    Who gives a darn what others think?!
    *rant over*

  9. Thirty. So much of life left when your are that young. Regrets? Who doesn't have some? Hopefully your son will celebrate and navigate in a good direction. Loved your thoughts about all of us sharing the same Moon. good feeling.

  10. Holy cow, the loss of twenty somethings.When I talk I hear a very young person, it is looking in the mirror that scares me.My oldest reminds me she isn't a child anymore, and I answer,"You are right Baby."

  11. A lovely post to read and as its my 55th on Saturday (the 19th) and my only son Craig (26) gets married in a months time I know where you are coming from. Where does time flies by. But if you sit back and dream about the past if you are lucky enough what beautiful memories you have....

  12. It's crazy the way our kids keep getting older when we don't!


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