Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Thing We Can Count ON!

Spring is RIGHT around the corner and I for one will be happy!  I don't like the heat of summer but I am ready for the color of spring, summer and fall to return to the landscapes around me--everything looks so dead and bleak....even the pines look tired--this photo was from a fall trip thats I-26 traveling East--I love those threatening rain clouds...the sky is more dramatic with the violence of hot air hitting early cold fronts---

The land is sleeping now BUT soon it will burst to life--Im ready to see COLOR--like this spot one of my favorites at Sandhills Wildlife Refuge--we take picnics to this place----its so peaceful and beautiful..its burned there  regularly (a little too much for my likes)  and thats why you see those dead pines in the distance...but it does bring up the wildflowers--

The roadside shops will be open again, and I can browse the Junk-and Antiques when I go to the Foothill and Mountain towns...

The flowers and insects come out again

---and the BIRDS nest and we have more birds in the yard--especially Carolina Wrens like these...

And Northern Cardinals-- that nest in the bushes under our front windows---I cant wait to open the Doors and throw up the Windows and hear the gentle breezes bring the wind chimes back to life--

Hang in there its on the was nearly 70 here today!


  1. So looking forward to some color ... and bird song ... and warmer temps. We are down below freezing again ... had to stoke up the fire again tonight.

  2. I love these photos, especially the first one is really cool. But also the flowers and new life in the others. Lovely!
    Spring is around the corner here too. But with the heat around the corner at the same time,..., nah, not so good ;)

  3. It will be so welcome Dixxe!

    So good to be reminded of better days, the last photo is just gorgeous :)

  4. Delightful post, Dixxe!! I esp. got a kick out of the open mouths!! I love to wander about the small towns and go to the 'junk' and antique stores. I'd like to find one of those little communities to settle down in. SC is a beautiful state. You are very lucky to be there. Enjoy the warm days! ~karen

  5. That first picture is a beauty. Love the angry looking sky.

    I can't wait for spring too. Had enough of the winter now :)

  6. I am also looking forward to some grass and new species of birds showing up. Great pictures.

  7. The pictures are beautiful,I like the sky & the open mouths especially.
    Those little shops look so cool,I love to just go & look at peoples old stuff,sometimes you can find a treasure ,sure don`t feel like doing that until it warms up some.It will not be long,phylliso

  8. I feel the same way and will welcome some color in the landscape!

    All your photos are a joy to see but I have to say that those babes in the nests are my favorites.

  9. Amazing perspective on top! Great macro of the bee and what a cool shot of the hungry chicks.

  10. Oh, My, what wonderful pictures. I especially like the depth you got in the top on. How did you achieve that. It won't be long now at all.

  11. Great Blog! Glad your comment on mine brought me here! I'm now a follower! Cheers!


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