Thursday, November 11, 2010


My time lately has been filled with wearing plaid n
...Giving Wedgies!  Dont believe me?  Well its true- check this out..

This is one way to split a cedar log to make posts and thats to use a WEDGE-n Sledge!

lol I guess someone with BIG muscles (and a blue ox)  could use an axe and split this Eastern Red Cedar.  I cut it down!  It was 30 odd feet tall and it was planted too close to an oak tree and it blocked a lot of sunlight from the lawn so I opted to cut it! I planted it over 30 yrs ago!! Sometimes its hard to know exactly how big a tree will mature to be.

IT was no small feat for my little electric chain saw--but finally it fell, I cut it yesterday and it took the rest of the day to cut all the limbs off. 


I decided to make fence posts out of the trunk so I cut it into equal lengths and using the wedge and a small sledge hammer split it into posts.  You have to split with the grain of the wood-I wish there was enough to make a split rail fence to go along our front yard, but I think Ill end up with about 15 posts from this one tree!

This is how it looks once its been split...I have a lot of work to go before its all done!

IT smells heavenly, I took a chunk to put in the linen closet! I have filled the trailer with one huge load of limbs and took that to the landfill, they have a special spot for orgainc stuff they let it rot down then they shred it and we can take it for mulch!  It looks like I will have at least 2 more loads to get it all carted away!  The weather is perfect for being outdoors and doing a little manual labor, something Im no stranger too!! Good thing Im still a TOM BOY after all these yrs!!

Another project I finished up was restoring an old bench we had hanging around in the yard...I placed it by the firepit...we have some big chunks of pine that we used for seating as well...I dont bother with burning logs cause then we smell like Smoke, so I use scented candles in the firepit!! ITs nice to sit around the glow and watch the moon and stars come out while sipping a warm toddy...then when the evening chill gets too much we blow out the fire and go inside!!

nov 046

Oh one more thing...Pass the linament!


  1. That looks back breaking work Dixxe.
    I don't think I could manage stuff like that these days lol

  2. Wow, am I impressed! I love the picture of the crossection of the tree - just beautiful!

  3. I really am bowing low in respect to you Dixxe, you are one tough lady!

    Your candlelit firepit looks wonderful, I do hope you relaxed there with a drink and congratulated yourself on a job well done with the tree :)

  4. It is hard work for sure, but as long as I can do i should do it-and it saves money, it could cost us $250 a tree to have these removed by "professionals"..LOL

  5. I couldn't have cut that tree. The colors at the heart of the tree are stunning too.

  6. Dixxie - the kick ass logger! I always appreciate women who take charge and get the job done.

  7. I have this plaid shirt I love to wear when its cool weather I did wear it the day I cut that tree, MY MOM was making fun of me...Thats why I said I was wearing plaid.."real women DO wear Plaid"

  8. You go, girl! I was picturing a table out of that trunk.


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