Saturday, November 27, 2010


You know how sometimes you have to eat your words? That happens to me all the time, but I dont let it bother me, I just shrug and go on, I dont take life near as seriously as people seem to think I do, I would be great at stand up comedy, I have a dry sense of humor that doesnt always come across over the net, but anyways...I am- however- one of those people, like SPOCK on Star Trek..logic plays a big role in my life..
So its purely logical if someone GIVES me something that has value even if its something I said I didnt want and didnt need and would never use, shouldnt I take it anyways??...hey if nothing else I could sell, trade, or pawn, or pass it along, correct? So with a sly wry smile, Wilma II  came into my life.

The reason she is Wilma -The Second- is one of the partners I used to work with up in NYC introduced me to this gal with the same voice and the same bossy attitude!  She brought her to work with us every day and be damned if this gal's voice isnt exactly the Wilma Flintstone!! You know how when Fred has a problem he yells for WILLLLMMMMMMAAAAAAAA--well I wish you could have heard me and Maria yelling for Wilma when we got ourselves in a fix up in New York City, that girl knows how to get you out of a jam!  

I actually got to know the city like the back of my hand before Wilma started riding with us, I mean when people are depending on you to BE there in a emergency you gotta know where you're going and where the closest hospital is too! So I rarely needed Wilma's help, but every now and then Maria and I would be dispatched out of our confrot zone...yeah I know its hard to imagine NYC as your comfort zone, but once you get in the city, its VERY hard going out to the "normal" world..and its DARK--when you get used to street lights everywhere you go, its a dark and desolate world out there beyond the bridges n tunnels as we used to say..
So sometimes we got the call to head upstate to places like Tarrytown, NY to transport some guy that fell off his horse and has a head injury or maybe out to Long Island to Amytiville [YEAH that Amytiville] to bring Mr Poleter Giest to the city for a heart transplant--
--and in the end I did eventually begin to trust Wilma...she got to be one of the gals, a real stand up partner, she was no skale for sure!  It was great to have a third on our bus.

Now that Wilma II is my second in command I enjoy our converstaions although sometimes I can barely get a word in...she is always watching out for us, making sure we dont get any moving violations, its all gotta be legal with this chic she's got it all figured out all you gotta do is listen...and she never lets me forget anything she gives me a heads up just when I'm at the peak of distraction-- she jerks me right back to reality...she is really on top of things...
Yeah Wilma II and me are quite a team---

I thought of naming her Rhonda, but I knew I'd spend all my time singing,
"Help me Rhonda, Help, Help, me Rhonda."....
SO please Welcome WILMA II to my family--Wilma say hello--And "NO we have not arrived yet-what are you calculating, oh you meant my other right...sorrrrryyyyy!!"

She is so pushy~


  1. A good name for her! I liked the Flinstones ... Fred reminded me of my own Dad in a lot of ways, whose name also was Fred.

    We thought about getting a Wilma ... but never did get around to it. We wanted one especially for hiking to know ones location.

  2. I'll never look at a sat nav in the same light again lol
    Great post.
    And yea, I remember the Flintstones, from way back. Used to love it!

  3. I bought one that pushes me a bit with her voice. G uses her more than I, but he hasn't named her yet. Doesn't she bother you, I asked? LOL Endless recalculations. :)

  4. LOL. Naming a GPS. Why not? A friend of mine named his GPS "Bitchin' Betty" She is Wilma's best friend - maybe they've met!

  5. Thanks guys n gals for the comments...YEAH I knew I would end up talking to her so he had to have a ohters who may be riding along wont think Im talking to them when I say "SHUT UP I GOT THIS--- WILMA"

  6. Funny. I also said I didn't need one and would never use it, but when my father gave me one, I was hooked. It comes in handy in strange towns and even had us go a shorter way to Ron's daughter's last weekend.


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