Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ring Around the TUB!

Some~body is getting a bath today-somebody else will watch then she will be thrilled to learn she is NEXT-

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NO easy feat-- I'd almost rather fell another tree than do this job, its the clean up afterwards that gets next to me!  I think the 50 lbs they each weigh is HAIR- I normally do this outside when its warm,  but now it wont be warm again untill March and they cant wait that long for a bath..so today its going to rain-- good day to close the doggie door and clean these girls up. 

Just look at the dirt in those coats!

 Life was not always this easy for these dogs...

Flossie Longhair at 4 months

These sisters have been with us since the fall of 2008 when we found the entire pack abandoned! 7 of them! 4 boys and 3 girls...I found homes for all but these 2 so even though we loved being free to come and go without the responsibility of pets (for once in my life) we had to take them in. 

These poor dogs were starving-someone had brought them here to the "country" and set them out to die! But they were pretty smart they survived by eating acrons, ripe persimmons that were on the ground, mushrooms, and pine nuts!

Annie Boo Bear at 4 mnoths

They still love to eat all of the above--Annie can shred a pine cone in minutes, and they go mushroom hunting all the time...
On Best Friends Animal Sanctuary webpage I kept a blog called the Timber Creek PACK of my efforts to find homes for this pack and the problems that hit while trying to do that.
I'm glad I kept that blog, it helped me work through my feelings and the sudden responsibility of 7 starving puppies that wouldnt let you touch them, they were so wild!

Annie Playing Touch Football with a Coconut shell

At first I really tried to find a home for Annie too, we thought we would keep only one of the puppies, Flossie, but Annie found her way into our hearts and now I adore her!! She was "that close" to being given away....

Heres some of their Favorite Photos of themselves..not exactly great photos but its hard getting a good photo of these gals they are always on the move!

here they are snow racing...

... taking a stroll in the country

Playing Chase...

Having a disagreement...

Saying Im sorry....

And taking Naps!

Showing independence...

Playing hide n seek...

Trying to out shine each other...

 Showing support for family gatherings..

ah come on give me a belly rub, you know you want to!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into a dogs life...


  1. That had me grinning from ear to ear; such beautiful dogs, and lovely shots and words of them. They look so happy and contented now. Great companions Dixxe, and I'm sure they really appreciate all you've done for them.

  2. I've just read the stories of the puppies on your link. Such a lovely outcome for them all.
    Hard to understand how some people can be so cruel, but heart-warming to know there are such good people as yourself Dixxe.

  3. Enjoyed the story very much. What lovely looking dogs. How could anyone just leave them?

  4. No small thing you did, and continue to do. Two big dogs is a big job. Love the "Cujo" picture.

  5. Such beautiful critters they are. Thank you for doing this.

  6. Great post - they are so lucky to have you. And what a wonderful thing you did finding homes for all their siblings!

  7. Oh Dixxe! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love dogs. My parents were convinced I would be terrified of them after one frightened me in my pram but on the contrary I have been besotted with them all my life and cannot imagine life without them despite being allergic!

    I love the photos showing them in all their moods :) and I really do admire you greatly for what you have done for them.

  8. What beautiful dogs. It's difficult to imagine the cruelty of some people. What a wonderful thing you did to take these babies in and find homes for them.

  9. What great looking girls you have.

    The three we have were homeless and now part of our pack.

    Great pictures thanks for sharing.

  10. They're adorable! Three of my four dogs were dumped dogs. And only one of the eleven cats who own me came from a pet store.


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