Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I found along the way...

I wanted a hat to take with me to Arizona back in May. We are lucky to still have a Roses store in our town..I love to go there you can still FIND A bargain...So they had straw hats...I know that straw hats in Utah go for about $25 each. ( I am thinking it would be smart to set up a straw hat kiosk on the streets of Moab), I can buy them at Roses for $3 each!!! BUT I was being extra frugal and decided I'd use my little green Frog visor I packed it and left with no hat...

When my friend and I were driving along the Apache Trails By Way..I saw something laying on the road in front of the car so I pulled over, opened the door and whadda ya know A HAT just my size!!!! I inspected found it to be free of koodies---and plopped it on my head!! Isn't it a beauty? LOL, well you can tell I am need a HUGE MAKE OVER--please dont report me to the fashion police!

my found hat~

Orange Globe Mallow

I LOVE wildflowers!! I take lots of photos of them, half of them I have no idea what the common name is...let alone the scientific name...Diana told me this one up there is Globe Mallow and Im trying to find out what others are called, a few I do know but most I dont have a clue...I try real hard to figure it out, going online and doing comparisons! I need to get a Southwestern Wild Flower Field Guide..if you have one you want to get rid of.... hey, I'm ready to receive it---I believe in ask and receive, The Law of Attraction, and it usually comes thru, sometimes its not right that moment so dont give up...just be patient and BELIEVE-if you dont believe in yourself who will?

I may have posted some of these before but I wanted to post them as a group, I am trying out this slide show to see if it works...


  1. That Globe Mallow is a beautiful colour. Love the slide show.

    Great hat too Dixxe :)

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I like the hat, too!

  3. The hat is perfect! Lucky you!

  4. The orange wildflowers are beautiful and you took an excellent photograph. I don't have a clue what they are though

  5. Hey, I LOVE the hat and the price was right too! Nice job on the slide show.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments! I appreciate you guys taking the time to visit!!!


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