Friday, July 30, 2010

Pickens County WaterFall

Thursday I drove upstate to Greenville to dog sit for my Sis thru Sunday Friday I enjoyed a day trip up to Pickens County to hike to the Twin Falls- It was a bit too hot to hike but if I wait for the weather to be good I wont be going any time soon..its not as hot here as back at home.'

Keep your eyes on the trail

there is always a bright spot in the woods!

this is what that phrase between a rock and a hard place means

This rock reminds me of Stonehenge...well sort of..

IT was such a thick forest but the stream followed the trail so it was easy to cool off just get close to the water!!

The water was really cool..and shallow so easy to spash in

Secret Place

Then I arrived at the water fall it was super!!! I had the whole place to myself for a while...but soon a few straggled in this waterfall is off the beaten path, but not a hard or long hike.

Pickens County Twin Falls

But I wanted to get closer so I hiked up the rocks to the base of the that nice cool mist on me, felt great!!

Out on the rock I found all these Yellow Swallowtails sipping water!! Bet it taste nice and Fresh..

Yellow Swallowtails

I took a ga-zillion photos..and these are my favorites made in slideshow!


  1. Lovely photos - looks like a gorgeous hike. I love the tree growing on top of the rock!

  2. What an amazing place, and superb captures of it all. The butterflies.....what a sight to see. Such beauty all in one place. And the tree on the stone. How on earth....! It makes you wonder just how that grew like that! Incredible.
    Fantastic hike Dixxe.

  3. Wow, beautiful shots. I especially like the butterflies. And I keep wondering how that tree got started on that rock. Amazing!


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