Thursday, August 20, 2009


Compound Eyes
This fellow was checking out the yard today so I got a few pretty good shots of him...while he took a quick rest. Amazing face and Wings--dont ya think? I do not have a dragonfly field guide Maybe I can pick one up soon!

As you see Ive posted my Vacation Countdown clock and Im getting very excited! Everything is coming together nicely so far so good! The planes are booked and Ive accepted the changes to my schedule by India Man--(LOL) and I used Priceline to Name My Own Price on a rental car and got an exceptional deal with Enterprise Car Rental at the Denver Airport so I wont have to ride the BUS or take the Shuttle for the over 3 hr drive to get over the mountains where my Sis lives about 20 miles from Aspen Colorado! We will use same rental to drive south to Arizona and if time allows New Mexico to explore and enjoy the desert!

I have offered -and offer accepted- to paint her bungalow while Im there...there will be several days she will be working at her job and I will have time to do some chores for her...Last yr we installed a new storm door on the front, and we have plans to change the bathroom sink faucet as well.. Im the handy-woman in our family and so she can use some help with these chores!

Now the battle of what to pack? Sis says bring some of everything...oh my I dont really have some of but I'll try, so Im thinking my camera gear a good sturdy pair of hiking boots and two weeks worth of undies should do it!


  1. That's a superb shot of the Dragonfly Dixxe. Lovely markings on the body.
    Neat Countdown clock; I bet you can't wait till it hits zero :)
    The packing list sounds just about right. lol
    Maybe a couple of spare batteries for the camera too? :)

  2. OH yeah thanks for the reminder on that must toss in all my battery chargers too! and some socks!

  3. That dragonfly photo is magnificent! What a great pose you captured him in! Have a great time in Colorado - a great state! Colorado would be my 2nd choice to live. Great skiing! Bring some binoculars too! :-)

  4. Shelly you are so right...I used to ski, but its been quite a few yrs now since I had the opportunity to do that! If not for my Moms advancing age--I would be there too.

  5. Great detail on the dragonfly. I keep trying to get a good picture of one and they just won't cooperate. Have a great time on vacation -- that's a lovely area and I can't wait to see your pictures.

  6. Fabulous shot of the dragonfly. Hope you have a great holiday.


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