Monday, September 29, 2008

Who's Counting?

Actually Im only 54 yrs and one day...if you get down to brass tacks. This week is the "hurry and gets things ready week"...First off my son cancelled his Boone, NC contest so he could do the one in Atlanta this Saturday and thats where Ill be headed early Saturday morning and we have a motel for the night...then from there its on to Greenville. All the Wallings (Me, Mom, Lil Sis, and Big Sis is flying in too) are celebrating our birthdays together...mine was today, Lil sis is on Wednesday, Mom's is Saturday and Big sis is in January but we are gonna surprise her and have it a wee bit early...we never get to be with her on her birthday..On Monday we leave Greenville to come here and then midweek we plan to take off for the beach if there is no rain in the forecast, for one overnight. Then back here and she flies out of Charlotte next a busy week coming up. I hope we can find gas...still have stations out of gas, or short on gas.

Anyways I got busy and printed out some of my art designs and made some gift wrap! It was kinda fun and meditational to not think about anything except what was right in front of me. One I made into a small gift bag..and the others I just printed and wrapped it like any other wrap paper. ITS definitely one of a kind.

This one I printed and then cut it out...I wrapped the gift in brown paper. I used some cool yarn to make the bridle and tail..attached it with double sided tape! We made Big sis a sweat shirt with a pic of her dog Jake on it...using an ink jet iron on transfer of a photo I took of fact I made all the gifts too!

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