Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tom Till Photography

The photography of Tom Till is one of my latest research projects. I found him sort of by accident and maybe some of you have heard of him, but I just found out about him. He is a nature landscape photographer and he resides in Moab Utah where I just vacationed a few weeks back. I didnt know about him at the time, found out about him while searching for more information about Moab. He moved to Moab after he gradutated from college and has been lucky enough to support himself with his photography. His love of Canyonlands have brought many beautiful photos to his gallery. As I said I didnt see his gallery when I was there knowing I can't afford to buy usually keeps me from going into art galleries of any kind although Im very curious, I dont want to waste people's time. His photographs sell for anything from $200 and UP. I know its weird...but If I really want a photograph of something special Id rather take it myself. Art and photography have always been a passion for me, and going in search of the perfect shot, or creating the perfect image is part of the challenge.

I found out by reading Tom Till's blog that you have to apply for a permit if you are a professional and you intend to sell your photographs of our National Parks, and BLM lands. I knew about the video permits but I had no idea still photography was under this permit as well..there is a list of PERMITS here. These permits can be $50-$100 a day for stills or if you are a video crew $150 a day. A movie crew its $750 a day...DID you know this? Neither did I. So if you sell a photo of recognized landscape of our parks you should have a permit to show for that...if you sell a photo of Disney Land you need a permit also. Its sort of a use tax.

Anyways back to Tom Till. We have had various discussions amongst the various photographers Ive read here on Multiply about processing digital photos. Wel if you want to know what the professionals are doing they are PROCESSING their photos. According to Tom Till its a must for any photographer in the market this day and time to spend even more time Processing Digital than he did in the darkroom with film. He also taked about using the HDR process which is one of my favorite formats...I never purchased the software I did download a trail version to use and its pretty good but since its a trail version its not fully functional. I do use it tho and its a great addition to my software. I just thought that was interesting to note that the REAL pros are doing a lot of processing to get those fabulous images!

While reading his blog I realize you have to really be ready to stick it out to get the photo you want...Meaning research the location to find the best light for your image...whether it be a sunrise, or midday, or sunset that provides the best look for that area...It could mean wading into water to get the best shot of a waterfall. I just think in order to move the level of your finished result up you have to be willing to raise the bar. I think its pretty fascinating...

I would love to put up one of his photos....they are so beautiful but I dont want to infringe so this is my photo at the Sand Dune Arch...I hope you will click the link up there to go see his work.

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  1. I checked about the photo fees. Fees and permits are only required under certain conditions according to the NPS link.


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