Friday, February 29, 2008

Do you believe in Magic?

Today I'm working on a print for Christmas. Its part of the current project Ive been commissioned to do. I do freelance design work for a company in Greenville, SC. They send me a lead piece they plan to purchase from one of those very expensive design houses in New York City, and I have to come up with 4 patterns that will compliment that lead pattern. I'm very happy to get the work, although I know I could also create that lead pattern. Im sure they pay a lot of money for it. I get paid well for my part too.

I did one project for them last month also a Christmas patterns. I came up with 4 really cool looking designs. You can see them here in my Christmas Collection. Just click the Holiday button. Ive started to work again on a project that has been on the back burner for over a year. Together with someone I met while working a job, I got involved in being the part owner of a children's book project. She had this story all in her mind but had no idea how to get it on paper or how to do the illustrations.., so she asked me to help. At first I was not interested...but when she told me the story I was hooked. So she had one connection and they turned us down. So now Im going to try again, but first I have to get the artwork finished. Its really a fantastically fun project especially for me. Here is the one I would love to see on the cover...The name of the book is Once Upon A Time There Were Unicorns, written by Darlene Martuak and Sondra Hickman. I will be doing all the illustrations and submitting it to various publishers. Right now I'm working on finishing up the artwork. The whole venue is something I love so its not like work its like PLAY... I have to do about 10 pieces. I have 4-5 done...they are so cute and fun.

"When he saw his image in the water he knew what it was they wanted. . . he saw what they saw.. . . now he understood, his beauty may cost him his life, once upon a time there were Unicorns."

Note: all artwork is the property of S.Hickman Designs all rights reserved 2008. Although I would love to give my art away, there is the wee problem of food and shelter. So please dont copy, save or duplicate my art. Thank you. If you wish to purchase, or license my art contact me at

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