Saturday, March 1, 2008

What do YOU see?

Expression through art means no words necessary. What is the message being relayed? This is what makes art great. No need to explain for several reasons. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember? I see it my way, you see it yours. There is no definitive narrative that goes with a piece of art be it an artists rendition or a photograph. Sometimes I think about the next thing I want to create all day long. A yearning deep from within, I guess you can call it a desire to create. Its like foreplay. I love to write. Writing is never complete until its read by another. Art is never complete until its viewed and the meaning deciphered. Its not easy to "explain" a piece. Take this one for instance... .....

Starlight Canyon.psd

When I asked someone "what do you see?" The answer I got surprised me. Maybe I see more, I'm into details. I stop to smell the roses whist others are more focused and more in step. I see the ladybug on the flower petal. I see the pink cloud created by the setting sun, I see so much with my eyes and my heart. So when the reply I got was "I see a big red moon." I was very tempted to say, "that's all you see?" Instead I said, "I see a setting sun, a full moon hanging low over a canyon pool... and I see a wild horse admiring his own reflection mixed in with all the heavenly bodies, I see a cloud whipped into a whirlpool, maybe its a night of cosmic display or maybe its an everyday occurrence in this magical spot, and its all in one night's end in a canyon somewhere."...
That's what I said, then I asked "Do you see that now?" "OH YEAH I sure do. COOL."

Note: all artwork is the property of S.Hickman Designs all rights reserved 2008. Although I would love to give my art away, there is the wee problem of food and shelter. So please dont copy, save or duplicate my art. Thank you. If you wish to purchase, or license my art contact me at


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