Monday, June 23, 2014

Tips and stuff!

I enjoy getting good tips! feel free to post your tips in comments to share! Every now and then one comes across and I go ahhh haaaa! 
This is one I love! It's for any time...its called a survival bracelet.  IF you need a length of sturdy lacing, you can un-weave it,,,hopefully you wont be hanging over a cliff and need it quick cause it could take some figuring out how to undo it.  since lately I'm more directional challenged than I used to be mine has a compass on it! I also have one without a compass...and its just cool! it costs about $3. I got mine in the gift shop at the Taccoa Falls when on my trip...and I got the other one in Tractor Supply! That link is to Amazon.  

Some other products/tips I found helpful:

Ever thought of using Kitty Litter (family dollar has it for one dollar) in your tent or van (in my case) for those 2 AM's gotta-go's if you're not equipped with your own porta-potty....and don't want to walk half a mile to the Pit Toilet or maybe its raining cats and dogs? Get a suitable container, line it with a plastic bag, add Kitty Litter and voila..instant Litter box for humans! No spills, smell, and easy to scoop up the plastic bag and toss in closest trash container in the morning

Now we have rodent proof trash bags Mint-X! They actually repel animals that normally want to get into the trash! Here is a coupon you can print. 55c off Hurry it expires end of this month. NOW I don't think these repel bears so due diligence there...and we all know that steel wool stuffed in a hole where rodents are coming in stops them!

I found
Magic Mesh at Walmart, but long before Walmart had these already made up and ready to use I used to make my own.  Slide an adjustable spring/tension rod into your screen curtain at the top and insert between your doors , and you have a great bug screen without keeping the doors closed in your RV, or Van

The interior light at the back of my van comes on when the doors are opened. Its a great light when you want it but when you don't its a PITA. So I found Courtesy Light with an on/off switch! So I can turn it on and off when I want it to be on or off!

I put one of those sun shades in the windshield to give me privacy! Its the simplest thing to do also keeps the sun out if you want it cooler can cut one of these into pieces to fit on your car windows too! Just attach a tab at the top (use duct tape)...roll the window up on the tabs and the shade hangs in the window...or if you want to keep the window open make the tabs longer place over the top of the door, hang the shade on the door then shut the door, you get ventilation and privacy.Works as good as a black out curtain.

Intex Double Quick III S Hand Airbed Pump
  1. I got one of these Hand Pumps for blowing up air mattresses.  It is inexpensive, its easy to use and it requires no electric! It will work on your water float devices, your inflatable sleep pads, or your full sized air beds! And it doubles as an arm workout!

    Coleman SUV QuickBed - 70 x 41 x 6 in.
  1. I purchased and use this Coleman SUV mattress for my Van. I blow up the mattress (using my hand pump) and place on top of the van bench bed! I don't blow the bed up firm...I keep it a little squishy and then its very comfy! It has one side non skid and so I place this side UP so my sleeping bag wont slide around on it! It has the extra section that if your van or SUV is smaller just don't blow that section up! IT's easy to deflate, just roll and squeeze the air out.
  2. For food storage I use The Coleman 40 Quart Power Chill its a cooler that you can plug into your 12 volt power source or into an electric outlet when you get to the campground! You can use it in 2 positions upright or down like an ice chest.  I even keep ice in a closed container so it doesn't damage the element inside. This is the second year I've used it very well! It takes the same space as any 40 qt cooler.
    Coleman 40 qt TE Cooler with Power CD Cold
  1. On my recent trip I opted to get a real chair...I've had enough of those saggy quad chairs that don't last and give no support to your back! I went to Big Lots and got this one..its comfy, it folds up and I was a happy camper with it!
  2. And this tip on driving etiquette, I saw this in my copy of Arizona Highways Magazine this month...on a narrow road where its hard for 2 vehicles to pass by each other, the uphill vehicle has the right of way! I didn't know that!
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  1. Great tips. I have been using the kitty litter for many years now. But I really like Special Kitty sold at Walmart. It has a nice smell to it. I one of those screen things but always forget to pack it in. (not much help in the shed).
    Do you have 2 batteries in your van? Still needing to work that one out.

    1. No I dont have 2 batteries! Have thought of setting one up with some solar but that has to wait behind many other projects.

  2. We are going to look for Magic Mesh next time we shop! Did not know about that and hope it orks for us.

    1. It will work! it may not be the exact width you may need, but if you have to buy 2 boxes its not that expensive!

  3. Great post Sondra. Love these tips, and the links to them. Can't always get the stuff here obviously, but a bit of searching can usually turn up something similar elsewhere.
    Funnily enough I was looking at Magic Mesh in my local Asda yesterday.
    Should have got one!
    I'll go back.

    1. Really? That proves its a small world!! I'm always scared a stinging wasp may get in the van when I have to doors open not to mention mosquitoes!


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