Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WBW 12- Watch the Birdie~

This week and next --very busy for me, sometimes we have to earn a living--and Im trying as hard as I can to do it from home--NOT easy! You have to scrimp and save and put lots of things on hold so no trips to report back about on this post.  However that doesnt stop me from sharing birds I ran into -mostly the local yokels-- so here goes--I did take a drive down a different country lane last week--(left) and I found this nice setting--

...and did you ever notice that birds have a favorite past time of watching US as we watch them?  Well, watching me intently was the Northern Mockingbird--he kept his yellow eye on me till I moved on down the lane--nothing matches the aggression of these guys they are highly territorial-

Mimus polyglottos
When I dropped my plastic and cardboard at the recycle center I was spotted by this fellow overseeing everything-making sure I put all my stuff in the correct bins--this is the Loggerhead Shrike-notice the almost raptor shaped tip on the beak--this bird is a hunter!

Lanius ludovicianus

In the afternoon I was busy filling up the feeders in the yard and many birds waited and watched including this curious little fellow-the Chipping Sparrow-

Spizella passerina
I enjoy comparisons so here is the Carolina Chickadee seen in my backyard...

Parus carolinensis

...then the  Black Capped Chickadee--differences to look for are the black bibb is not as neatly outlined as the Carolina-and the wing feathers have more detailed /heavier streaking along the edges--this one shot in the northern part of SC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains-in my sisters back yard....although this shot doesnt show either of those ID tips...very well

Parus atricapillus
...and the Mountain Chickadee-I found this one out west in my other sister's back yard in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains..the difference is striking as
you see -- white stripes on the head-this guy was really staring me down!

Parus gambeli
And another shot of that stripped head on this Mountain Chickadee in Bryce Canyon, Utah HE pretended to ignore me, but as you can see he styled for me so he knew I was there-

Just to sort of throw a monkey wrench into this string of song birds I wanted to show an -update photo-...one WBW post i did was about a Muscovy Duckling--and this is how he/she looked on my last visit to the Oak Grove Lake-he was slipping on the ice a bit--looking sort of clumbsy out of water-

             his baby picture:                                   Adult Muscovy Duck someone requested a better look-

Muscovy Duckling            
cairina moschata

I hope you all found something of interest here today--make sure to visit Springman's blog and post your own World Bird Wednesday adventure or just to see other bloggers offerings! Thanks for stopping by-


  1. Beautiful images of some lovely birds. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brilliant photos Dixxe. I think you've probably caught that Muscovy Duck at its best age as I can't say the adult is much of a looker.

  3. Wow, Fantastic photos here Dixxe! Such beautiful birds. The Carolina Chickadee reminds me of our Marsh Tit but my favourites here (probably because they are different from any I have seen) are the first three, just lovely :)

  4. Very nice images. I like the shot of the lane, too!

  5. That Mockingbird in the first, is a beauty.
    The next group I recognised; if not the proper names. I'm getting quite good at almost recognising some of your birds there lol
    Good to have the update on the Muscovy Duckling. Looks like he/she is doing well.

  6. Love the chickadee discussion. No carolinas here.

  7. Wonderful group of lovely photos! Very informative post!

  8. Beautiful post. The Chickadee information and comparisons are excellent and the photographic collection certainly came from far and wide across the N.A. continent. Very impressive indeed but the mockingbird shot steals the show. From the blue pipe accentuating the birds plumage to the 3d quality...this bird might fly off the page!

  9. What a great set of photos - shows that birds dont have to have outrageous colours to be really wonderful!

    Cheers Stewart M

  10. You have some great birds all around you. The photos are great but I especially like the way you have caught the duck slipping on the snow.

  11. Oh Dixxe, What a dream of a post: glorious images too.
    Sometimes the best trips are close to home. Well, for me they are all close to home.
    And yes, we are all watched by their BDI :-)

  12. wonderful captures of some lovely birds! I really like the shot of the shrike, that's one species I have yet to get any glass on.

  13. Absolutely wonderful post Dixxe!!! I couldn't choose a favourite! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. You got some beautiful images of a variety of birds. I particularly like the mockingbird and the chipping sparrow. Enjoyed reading your post.

  15. You put a lot of effort into this post and its a nice read. You have some Intresting images too, and only a mother could love a Muscovy!!

  16. So sorry you have to earn a living. Beautiful feathered friends tho. I've often thought about putting a feeder out.

  17. Super selection Dixxie and great to check out the differences in the Chickadees.

    I do hope working from home pays dividends for you.

  18. I love how you caught the mockingbird staring you down,love the silly duck too,great sets of photos!phylliso

  19. I get the Carolina Chickadee here...haven't seen the black-capped one yet. All of your shots were absolutely gorgeous!

  20. What a great selection of beautiful bird shots! Hard to choose a favourite but I think my preference goes to #2.

  21. Honestly your pictures are better than those in many bird books! I love the idea of the birds watching you. I know the mockingbirds holler at me when I walk in the mornings -- making sure I don't infringe on their territory I guess!

    Your posts are wonderful and I can't believe yu have time to do this lovely blog and you are still working. I'm impressed.

  22. Isn't it amazing how many Beauties you can spot when you just keep your eyes open? One doesn't have to travel far for that :)
    And yes, they sure DO watch us.
    I love it when they watch me and I watch them and we can interact without them getting spooked and fly away :)
    Lovely shots you gathered here, I love how different and yet similar they are to our birds (someone stated that just today on my blog, funny) :D

  23. You sure do have quite a collection of birds! Those are some great shots. I'm not much of a birder, but was still surprised at how many of the birds I had never heard of.

  24. Quite a series of bird photos!! All of them lovely.

  25. You take such beautiful pictures. Always a joy to look at.

  26. amazing shots of those birds, you sure have the gift!


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