Saturday, April 10, 2010

Travels Upstate-

Indy and I ran into this goose checking out his reflection in the water...when we went to Paris Mt. State Park for our walk today. Im upstate in Greenville, SC house/dog sitting for my sis again..she is in Sedona getting her batteries recharged for 6 Im in a new location close to the mountains for a week...

Indy is a big mix of Lab and Chow. She is a sweetheart...but she weights in at 106 lbs...I didnt realize that her size makes most people afraid! Nearly everyone we passed I heard them mumble "what a big dog" as we went past...I never thought of Indy as anything but a sweetheart..but I can see how if you are not around dogs one her size could be scary...She never hurt a fly tho...

she likes to take a dip she is checking out the kayaks

The she got a drink of water....

The spillway is pretty cool over the old damn that keeps Lake Placid in its banks,..

There is a beaver at work here too...he has moved his lodge farther up in the stream now and we didnt see him today...

This little girl was having a blast riding on the back of the paddle boat...and let me tell you that water is COLD..but people were swimming today---personally to me the water is not warm enough till labor day!

Indy disagrees with me...she was in and out of the water--and lay down in it, and just had a blast...Tomorrow I hope to drive up into the mountains and visit some waterfalls!!


  1. You had a great day out Dixxe.
    Looks an amazing place to explore.

  2. Looks like a wonderful spot - I love the picture of the goose - soooo sharp. Your sister is lucky to have you!


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