Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Minds Eye!

With my trip upcoming and a new project that will keep me busy until I take off for the desert my mind is already there--so my artwork reflects what is in my Mind's Eye!

Adobe 1

I hope to see some interesting Adobe homes!

Adobe House2 copy.psd

And I know I'm going to see some wonderful buttes and mesas...

Butte 2 copy.psd

And Red Stone formations...

Butte 1 copy.psd

I learned last evening I have been tossed a 5 design freelance project and it has to be completed before I go so this will probably be my last visit to the blog for a few days... I will check in when time allows for sure! Hope all of you have a wonderful week!! I will catch up with your posts as soon as I can, until then I will miss all your wonderful photos and words!


  1. Great artwork Dixxe! Very colourful.
    Six days to go; that will soon be here.
    All the best with the project, and have a really good time on your trip. Look forward to seeing the pictures on your return.

  2. Your Countdown Vacation clock shows only 3 days till being off, the trip is nearing! It's great to have something to be looking forward to and I wish you to come back rested and relaxed. It's good to get out of one's own house from time to time, isn't it?

    PS The dragonfly in your previous post is amazing!

  3. I really like the red stone formations.

  4. Lovely artwork Dixxe, all the best for your vacation!

  5. Your words have touched my heart, your work has pleased my eyes,you do have the mind and spirit of a real ARTIST,


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