Wednesday, March 15, 2023

spring on the way

sorry for all lower case letters this one thing i would ask computer design engineers to work lap tops for people  who suffer from occupational or hands put some upper case letters bars on the land middle and bottom row bars with some larger keys and in easy to read colors grey backgrounds and bold  white letters embossed in black or with red embossed letters. i am only able to type with one finger on the right hand

there maybe such computers already on the market i need to check  out for sure
until then i wont be making regular posts unless something spectacular happens.
i will do my best to reply to your posts
and please all of you  keep me informed and have a great spring.

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,
    Happy Spring to you! I wouldn't worry about the lower case letter on your post, I am glad you are there typing. Take care, have a great day!

  2. no worries about lower case, just happy you made a post. I know they have voice computers but I bet they cost a fortune!
    Happy Spring ! We had been in the high 70's with a day or 2 in the 80's. Yesterday and today we are in the 60's. Thinking of trying to plant some flowers or veggies but then remember how everything wilts away once the heat sets in.
    Sending blessings and prayer your way as always.

    1. happy spring jo i hope you get some pots of flowers so you can move them in and out as need to. have a good weekend xoxo

  3. Hi Sondra, glad to see your post. Hope you're doing alright and are able to see some signs of spring there. Got drenched with rain/snow on our dog walk this morning so I'm looking forward to it!

    1. i am enjoying watching the feeder birds and the dogwood trres as they bloom very pretty good to hear from you Jen.

  4. Just so pleased to see and read this post from you.
    Sending lots of good wishes your way.

    All the best Jan


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