Friday, June 11, 2021

The Heat is ON

So I am laying low!

Humidity & Rain...Lets talk about it.  We had a beautiful spring but then wham,,,the air flow turned and is now coming from the south east Atlantic---this is the air hurricanes are made of.  It's very unstable as the evening thunder storms give testimony to. 

New Feeder, the birds like it...

I get out as early as possible and do my yard chores, mostly pick up twigs from the last storm, put some seed in the feeders...etc.  I don't put in a lot of seed in rainy weather as it will begin to sprout right there in the feeder in just a couple days if there is any millet in it and sometimes the sunflower seed will spout.  I don't normally buy one with millet in it, for that reason but lately the shelves are nearly empty so I had to take what I could find....
I put in enough for one day and add more daily that seems to work best.  

The Big Blue Whale Hosta is waterlogged

I had to replace one feeder it finally gave up after years of squirrels dangling on it...there seems to be a shortage of bird feeders in stores too...I got that one at the Tractor Supply....and just as I presumed trouble is a brewing over at the Cardinal Feeder.  

his name is helps when you have hands to hold the closing mechanism open..


actually this Cardinal is an old photo taken with my Kodak! It was the best camera I've ever owned, but the on/off button stopped's still in my closet.   Not like you can take it to the camera shop and have it repaired, that was in the old days.

Remember  old yeller? Well my dogs do chase this fellow and It could get ugly.  I may have to attempt to relocate him to the deep woods where he will have all he needs for survival and not be harassed by people and dogs if he doesn't move on soon.  

It's been about 2 weeks now of me chasing him out of the yard, and he just won't give up...I don't want him or my dogs to get hurt. 

Sharp teeth!

Speaking of hurt, check this out.   I was able to recover a couple of folders of old photos off my no longer operating PC.  This adapter thing worked for one of the hard drives but not for both of the drives.  So the tower is gone to PC heaven, (the recycle center) minus the hard drive I kept that and Im still trying with the other drive.  

2 laptops and a PC

I was thinking the other day what if I put all my lost blog photos back, I'm using Google Photos and Facebook storage to do it, then comes the announcement from Google, that they will be closing it down, yada yada?  I throw in the towel at that point.  This tangle of wires is about how my brain has been lately with the main component unplugged.

this is the one that refuses to co-operate I plugged the thingamabob to the whatsyamacallit, plugged it in and NOTHING but a blue light of the old central nervous system.  

this is what I ordered to do it with...$15 Amazon

It's pretty hard to do any birding other than just what I can see with my naked eye or  hear. Humidity, binoculars, and camera lenses just don't mix...there is this thing called----> fog. You can see it the raccoon photos.

middle set is outdoor top set is indoors

So this morning I got up to no water!  I called, they are doing "repairs to the line", I'm on a rural water district, SO glad I keep a gallon of fresh potable water in my van, and 50 gallons of rain water under the eaves by the front deck.  I keep a lid on that one so no skeeters get in came in handy for the morning flush and I could do a sponge bath with it if necessary.
 I  open the barrel so it can be refilled once it is down to half, so it's currently FULL as I took the lid off during  one of the recent downpours.  
 Pulled this one from the OLDER than dirt photo album achieves; this is my dear friend Sundance, with Mom's little Pekinese mix, Peppy.  This photo is from 1975, before we moved onto the homestead in '77.  We were renting in town and I asked the landlord if I could put a horse out back and he said "SURE" lol...(try doing that these days in the town limits) and so we built a little corral and a single stall shed for him...I used to baby sit Peppy while mom was at work so he would go with me to give Sunny his breakfast.  I worked from home then as I was getting my upholstery business off the ground (in the spare bedroom) they became best friends. You can see the love they had for each other... By the little stall I had a garden....I've always been an Earth and animal person even before it became "hip".

the gentle giant 46 yrs ago!

...the next year I opened to the public in a location  in town and supported myself with that occupation for 30 yrs! I still baby sat dogs and had 3 little yappers with me every day for a  couple years, one was mine, one my sis's, and mom's Peppy.    

I saw a soft shell turtle creeping out of the pond when I stopped a couple weeks ago to take a quick walk at Goodale...I have never seen soft shell turtle there before...oddly enough. 

He saw me and turned around and went right back in the pond.

And since my post is all over the place this week I need some outside my Sis sent me this pretty Antelope shot she got when they visited Yellowstone last week...that look says it all. Broken hard drives, broken bird feeders, broken water system,
yes as Glen Frey sang, THE Heat is ON. 

Thank you sis!

Next time I may dedicate an entire post to the good ole' days. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Thats a cracking photo of the Cardinal Sondra. A shame that the camera cant be repaired, I'm sure you have looked on line for someone.
    You have your work cut out with the computers, sometimes if the wiring and connectors match up its not too bad. for me the problems start when you have to start soldering wires together.
    I dont envy your humidity. I've just looked at your weather and it's very hot for the next couple of weeks.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Dave, well the wire fit but it just whirrs and does not show up it says "corrupted" so I guess that one is a loss. I am putting my recovered ones on thumb drives, my current laptop does not have a cd rom, I have an external cd rom and it's so slow. I will never use a large capacity drive again cause when it fails you're screwed. I hope you're getting some good weather now...they say Wednesday lower humidity but even if it drops to 50% still miserable. IM trying to stay busy. Have a good weekend.

  2. Hello,
    Love the Cardinal photo and the pretty Antelope. I have 3 external hard drives and a lot of old Cd's with my archived photos going back decades. It has been hot and humid here too, thunderstorms every evening. I had to stop the bird feeders, we were having critter problems. Take care, have a happy weekend.

    1. HI Eileen, I have a lot of photos on CD roms, that works really well for the most part, I don't even know what happened to that old external, it was working fine then it just stopped opening.
      I Hope you can get your critter problems under control, actually the raccoon didnt appear yesterday so I hope he finally decided he has had enough of this spot.
      Have a great weekend.

  3. I see today Blogger has gone haywire...last week they changed the way the reading list was showing up and today my entire blog list is showing blogs from only one blogger, like an entire year of posts from one blogger.

  4. Even with you not going anywhere you still managed a great blog. So many great photos from way back when and of new. I haven't blogged in weeks just lost the desire to do so and with nothing going on here But yes indeed the heat is on 110 today and going up every day BUT ITS A DRY HEAT! UGH!
    Have a great week stay cool.

    1. Hi Jo, and thanks I understand, I was about to put up a "dont have a thing this week" sign and let it go...We have had barrels or rain and awful humidity it's no fun at all to be's hot by 9 am! I am doing one yard project but Im taking my time like 30 mins a day, painting the outdoor chairs. Today I put the big box fan outside and pointed it straight at me and that did help. Then it started to thunder so Im back inside. Hope you do enjoy your weekend.

  5. Well, I very much enjoyed this post, maybe especially because it was all over the place. I hope the raccoon moves on for your sake! I hate worrying about dogs and wildlife mixing in a bad way. Now to catch up on the rest of your blog :)

    1. Hi Jen, I know you've probably been there with your dogs When I had Casey in FL I was worried he would be bitten by a snake more than him being attacked by a gator because I could not always see the snakes. I have not seen the raccoon for 4 days now I took the 2 feeders he was after down and he left...feeders are back up now. Have a good week.

  6. It seems you're having a bit of a time of it there, the heat, the storms, lack least you have a back up water! The photos of the computer equipment are giving me brain fog :D I like to see the old photos and it's nice to read a little of your history too :)

    1. Hi Pam, It has not been a bright summer so far, so much rain. I think the whole country is in for a very hot 3 months...for us it will be soggy so it seems. When Denver which is a mile high has 100 degrees there is no escaping the heat. I think I got all Im going to get out of those old hard drives so not much else I can do with that...Hope your week is going good.

  7. Pleased that you had some water in back-up!

    I'm not keen on hot/humid weather, thankfully we do not get very much.
    We've had some sunny days but now thunderstorms are forecast for the end of the week.

    I enjoyed seeing the photographs on your post.

    All the best Jan


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