Thursday, April 22, 2021

Busy Week

So this week I decided Im ready to take the bike beyond the yard.  

Safety First

I went to Sandhills, it's quiet, no cars, or rarely and there is Paved  dirt and gravel roads to practice on as well so my first day ended up being like a 10 mile day!  But I didn't like pedal to metal do 10 miles, I did it in 4 different section rides including 2 dirt/gravel roads...I did about 5 miles of each. 

I absolutely need a new front gear shifter.  I tried to buy one on Amazon, but they insist on putting Amazon Prime in my shopping cart so I dumped the whole damn thing right there in the virtual aisle.  WTH, that should be illegal.  Lately Im just grumpy and my patience has worn not thin...but out.  So I went to bought the thing free shipping and no dirty tricks. 

IT was so good to be moving through the air with the only sound is the gentle click of the wheels I really enjoyed it and I want to do that again.  

Red Headed Woodpecker

Brown Headed Cowbird

I took a muddy hike to see the Pitcher Plants up close they are in bloom now.  These ones get quite tall and they love this boggy hillside.  

This Wood Duck pair had 2 ducklings, so very cute..

And the Geese had some Goslings  from the opposite side of the pond.

The Orchard Orioles have arrived and I added a new FOY bird...

Another day I went to Bramblewood and took a nice long walk around...The Clover is in bloom and it's so pretty.  

It attracts some cool insects, 

And the big mature hardwoods bring in some migrants.  
The Painted Bunting, 

The Prothonotary Warbler, 

The greens along the edge of the river soooo inviting. 

Red Winged Blackbird 

And around the yard some good going's on...

Floss "show your surprised face." 

A new Guard at the door, 

The Myrtle Yellow Rump in the trees, 

Along with a singing Black and White Warbler 

And a brilliant Prairie Warbler

The Red Breasted Nuthatch still in the yard...a pair actually.

And a new Rose Bush Inspector...

And my latest project is UP in the Air! 

Barn Owl Box!!

That was a full week we have a cold front passing through then some rain we actually need it even tho we had a rainy winter the air is very dry right now...AND one more the lady RB Nuthatch 


RIP Little Bunnies 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Nice to get out on the bike and do 10 mls happy for you. I know I say it all the time but you have the most beautiful birds out there and the floors are beautiful too. Hope you get some owls in the house. And can't forget the butterflies!

    1. Hi Jo, it was so easy to do the 10 miles cause I did it over the period of like 2 and not in one "sitting" and on as level a ground as I could but I did do 3 different terrains it's an old Mountain Bike. I hope to get owls probably too late for this yr tho.

  2. Hello,
    Wow, you had a great outing, bird sightings and bike ride! Awesome shots of all the birds, I see so many favorites. Your Floss is a cutie. Love the flowers, clover and butterflies. Great post. Have a great day and a happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Eileen...Im trying to be more active hope it helps with the old aging process...Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Sometimes you can see more cycling as its quieter than walking so you dont disturb the wildlife. Also cycling means you tend to cover more miles than you would do walking. Those trails are good to cycle, better than the roads. A front basket / carrier is handy as you can easily get to your camera. Cycling certainly helps with the ageing process, not only the exercise but also the mental alertness needed, especially on roads.

    The rose bush inspector, is that a swallowtail?

    I like the barn owl box . fingers crossed it gets occupied.

    1. Hi Dave, yes Im excited about the possibilities of using the bike, right now Im in the middle of replacing the front gear shifter, AND I may need a derailleur also on the front its a bugger to get adjusted I will try again tomorrow...that is an Eastern Swallowtail the male, the female is black with same size and some similar markings. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Replies
    1. Hey your test was successful, since I've been getting spam I put up comment moderation after 4 days or something like that just leave your comment and I will get an alert that a comment has been left..weirdo's were going back in my old posts and leaving links and hogwash so this way NO comment will post on old blogs unless I approve it, Have a great day Sallie.

  5. I'm not a confident bike rider but I can see the attraction of cycling somewhere quiet like you have been! I can't believe the size of the clover flowers, we have a clover here but the flowers are small white ones, often buried in lawns! I am loving the new door guard :D

    1. Hi Pam, I also do not feel confident seems as our balance changes so it does on the bike as well. My bird walks are more like strolling so I was not getting in enough activity and I did not want to make any sacrifice so for now I hope this will work. I do realize it won't be every day but if it's once or twice a week that helps. I Love Clover and I put some in my yard it came up and bloomed and it is not as big as that maybe 1/3 the size now I don't want to mow the grass! I planted it for the deer to enjoy. The weekend is coming so enjoy.

  6. Sorry bout the test comment, it was me not you. My iPad updated and lost all my login stuff and I’ve been struggling to leave comments. Anyway, loved all your adventures in this post of course the birds and that red clover is so eye catching, different from any I’ve seen. Terrific you got your bike going again. Proud of you and a bit envious.

    1. You are so clever, I hate when things update!! I try to prevent it but with windows 10 you can delay but not stop it from happening, at least as far as I know...I am trying to hang onto the last bit of my "senior" years before hitting Super Senior years if you get my drift. Happy Friday's eve


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