Friday, July 24, 2020

Dang it happened Anyway

Today is almost 4th of July you're reading this long past that because my posts are still a while away from real time but Im closing the gap as more and more it's just too hot to enjoy being out.  

Eastern Towhee Female 

A week ago I wore my mask down to a dentist.  The old office where Dr, Mays ,who passed away already, was my dentist my whole life!  My Mom took me there as a child and I just stuck with him.  He always whistled or hummed show tunes while he worked.  I never had an issue with any work he did...I have gold crowns, fillings, root canal, wisdom teeth extracted, he knew his stuff and he had this little trick when he gave you the shot he would wiggle your lip so you were distracted and it didn't hurt so much..,When he retired I just stopped going to dentist.  I only went in an emergency, and that's is how I came to be there last week but now it's a 31 yr old  kid who is the dentist.  A tooth was I asked for it to be repaired..

One of my otter friends eating a catfish he captured. 

He drew out the long needle shoved it into my gum and a bolt of lightening rode down my tongue in a red hot flash---> twice<--- both barrels not only did I winch I screamed with my mouth open it sounded more like an exaggerated whimper.  I could almost smell ozone in the air as the lightening left the tip of my tongue and entered the atmosphere.  

Yellow Trumpet Pitcher plant

I told him what I had felt and he told me he may have "touched" the lingual nerve...I think he did way more than touch  here it  is currently 7 days later At the time of writing, but in real time it's been almost a month and very little has changed) and my tongue has no feeling on the right side and my gum where he gave the shot is inflamed and hurts.  I do not have dental insurance so I have not called back I did read up on Lingual Nerve damage, there is NO intervention short of surgery, NO WAY thank you that would probably mean specialists, and even a worse outcome...There is no miracle for nerve damage as we all know!! The article told me give it 8 wks to heal and if not healed in 6 months it's permanent.  

a  spot where I relaxed with my picnic lunch recently

I cut my finger once while working in my Upholstery shop and the nerve was damaged it never completely healed. I got used to it or it healed SOME but it's never going to he fully feeling again.. Now is my tongue gonna be the same?  It's very distracting and it gives me anxiety which I don't need more food does not have a bright good taste and I think my speech is a little off and my mouth is always dry I wonder if my salivary gland is also disrupted?
Beware!! What more can I saw...

After this curve is a new lake for me to explore! I've never driven up to this road in the Refuge, it's Road 1 and this is Lake L, there is another  Pool K up there but I will check it out later.  

Lake L a new one to explore

I have made a little video of my mouth JIC I need to hire a lawyer if it becomes a really big issue, like all my teeth fall out for heaven's sake.  So I wait and see as long as it gets no worse I will be okay but if it does then what?  The way one of the lower teeth feels right now (the one directly above the injection site) is pretty painful!  I was having NO trouble with that tooth until I went to see him...I chose to try the old office instead of brand new Aspen Dental thinking I would get a young inexperienced Dentist there,  and that's exactly what happened.  Most of the dentists in this town don't accept new patients!  They have been in business for years.

This is a very nice woodland lake, and it does not appear to have much visitation. I had the whole place to myself...except for some Osprey nesting nearby.

  Osprey have nested there and have one chick in the nest..

another look at the otters...they actually are aware that I am there they keep a curious eye on me...and they stay low in the water for the most part. 


I haven't told anyone exactly where these 3 are living.  If anyone comes into the area while Im watching them I immediately put my binoculars up to my eyes the other direction so people will not notice the otters the curiosity of people wins out and they try to see what I'm looking at...then they drive past...Most people don't get out they just drive around on the refuge roads. 

 Meanwhile check out my bird bath visitor...actually this is Mom's bird bath...*sigh* she filled it lovingly for decades.  Now I'm using it in my's a family heirloom. 

This was so cute to watch...and then she browsed on my flowers...
But oh so delicately...

On the way back from town I saw a couple of Turkey Vultures hanging out in the clear cut area...

The area is growing back very quickly and soon it will go thru yet another cycle of grow and cut I may or may NOT be alive to see these trees mature... Realistically I'm  66 in 16 yrs if I'm still around I will be 82!!! So I don't know how you reacted when I say I may or may not see these trees mature....but in all honesty, there is a really good chance I won't.  The other day I heard Gordon Lightfoot's song If You Could Read My Mind and I sang along knew every single word, it was originally released in 1970....1970! Children that was 50 yrs ago...what a tale my thoughts would tell....

The Vulture's a huge bird I've held one before when I worked at the Bird of Prey Rehab center, they are heavier than you think much heavier than a Bald Eagle. 

see ya!

Nearby was this young Red Tailed Hawk,  has been hanging out over looking the vernal pool at the clear cut...actually I saw two maybe nest mates?  

So today I stayed at home not feeling too well and took pain killers for my tooth and plan to nap on the couch in the cool AC.  I did however mow the grass, clip the hedges, and blow off the cement slab, water the plants, and fill the bird feeders and the bird baths! So I got my chores I rest. 

So I know I've shown you one of these before or maybe some stills on the Blue Crabs, but I feel a little crabby today so I will share theses crabs with you...

The Beautiful Blue Crab
blue crab

And this very swift Crab, I actually slowed this down by half so you could actually see him he was moving so fast...Im not sure , Ghost Crab maybe

Hermit Crab

And in real time last evening I went out and viewed the Comet Neowise, OMG you must go out and find it just look for the big dipper, then look down and to the west slightly and you will see it, wait until the sky is dark enough I saw it
10 PM ET.  And the Moon was pretty nice too...

Today Im wondering how it is that all people are not outraged by the action of the President and AG BARR, and his Secret Goon Squad and what they did in is the Right Wing Extremes that accuse the Democrats of not respecting a States Sovereign right...the State of Oregon did NOT ask for any help and did not need any help they were allowing people to exercise their first Amendment right.  IT Is the GOP that is dismantling our civil and constitutional rights to not be bullied by the Federal Govt while we exercise those rights. 

86 45 11 3 2020

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello Sondra,
    I hope you feel better soon and that this damage to your mouth is not permanent. I have to go to the dentist soon and now I am spooked. I love your otter photo and the video also, the deer at the birdbath. The Towhee is pretty, great view of the Osprey nest. Your moon shot is beautiful. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

    1. HI Eileen, it's been 4 weeks now and I feel more sensation than the day I wrote this blog but it is nowhere near healed..If I had to come up with a figure I would say it's about 5% better, the issue with the gum has healed but the sensation the right side of my tongue is still way off the dry mouth is the worst side effect.

    2. Sounds awful, I would find another dentist if you ever need to go back. My hubby uses a special spray for his dry mouth condition, maybe it could help you too?

    3. OH no way I'd go back to him...I am trying a couple of products for the dry mouth but it works for a hour or so then you have to do it again..I think some sensation is returning but it's in the form of pain at the tip of my tongue like little pins pricking it..:o(

  2. What’s happening in the US is a nightmare, and I’m not talking covid. That there are other republicans who fuel the president's moronic actions is beyond comprehension. And it gets worse every day. Heaven help us! Hope your mouth continues to improve! Thinking of you.

    1. Thank you Karen, it's taken some getting used to but honesty I know if it doesn't heal there is no mending a our Nation once some things are broken it can never be put right again! Will our Union even survive 4 more months?

  3. I would call Aspen and let them know about this problem but would not go back to that place. But it is good to have it documented with them. And they are not cheap. It cost my grandson $300. to remove a tooth that actually more or less just fell out right there. I had an apt. with them but because of covid I canceled it.
    Hope you heal soon.

    I enjoyed the post tonight and you know I love the video's of the otters love those little critters.

    1. There is nothing that can be done for the nerve damage...either it will heal or it won't. If it was not completely severed it may heal. If I go see anyone about this it will be a lawyer! However if I need additional dental work I will call around and see if any of the offices that have been here a while will allow me to be a new patient. He said the tooth he repaired would eventually need a cap!

    2. I'm with you on a lawyer.

  4. Lets hope the nerve damage is not permanent. That dentist doesn't appear to be very professional and I certainly wouldn't use him again.

    The turkey vulture is fascinating as are most vultures. They often get misaligned but they really do a fantastic job of cleaning up. In Africa they are in severe decline due to the poisoning of game by hunters which is then passed on to the vultures who die. Near my daughters is a Hawk Centre whee they care for and breed the rarer species and also have presentations of birds for schools. I had a vulture perch on my arm, for a big bird they are very light.

    1. Hi Dave, Yes I have my fingers crossed on the nerve damage..I don't think Dr Mays ever gave me one single shot on the inside of the gum he always did it between the cheek n gum area...IF I recall correctly.
      Yes all birds are very lightweight considering the size...of the birds I worked with, we had little screech owls that you couldn't even feel any weight at all right up to Wild Turkey...I didn't hold anything on my arm in that fashion as I was part of the hold 'em down while I change the dressing crew and the I did work in the flight cage to keep them moving...we had 6 Vultures come in for suspected poisoning but they were ok so I got to help with the release of them we had to catch them and put each one in a cardboard box. They will peck at you we wore safety glasses and a hard hat when dealing with them and big heavy gloves..

  5. Oh Sondra I *am* outraged ... about the goon squad (we are 100 miles south of Portland, tho I hope even if I lived far away it wouldn’t make any difference to how outraged I am). I’m also outraged that you can’t find a decent is so important to your overall health ... I’m outraged that our health care stinks. ..... meanwhile lovely natural area and thank you for protecting the river otters ..I’ve seen them a few times and like their ocean cousins they are highly watchable ! And deserving of protection as what animal isn’t actually. ... this comment is jumping all over the place but I’ve already reached the advanced 80th year of my life so forgive me. But can you call anyplace Out of town to find a good dentist. Could there be a state program for helping uninsured ? I’m really worried for you

    1. HI Sallie, please don't worry I will find another dentist...for now Im just hoping some sensation will return, I don't have any other dental issues currently I am an avid flosser and stay on top of problems....but I will not have any "reconstructive" surgery to my mouth that could produce even bigger more life threatening problems. I heard the Mayor is going to ask for a Truce from HLS which by it'self is totally jaw dropping.

  6. What A Bummer - All Of It - Such A Bummer - Never Cared For The Saying When It Rains It Pours But Damn Straight These Days - Will Say This, Fantastic Photos Here - Love That Bambi - Stay Strong My Dear


    1. Hi Travis, Current events have me twisted! I want to think there are some peaceful solutions but we all know that's a pipedream and this Nation was built on the platform of violence and destruction. He who has the bigger gun wins in all cases just flip thru the history books.

  7. Oh no ... I do hope you feel better soon and that this damage to your mouth is not permanent.

    I did enjoy seeing your photographs, especially the otter and the deer.
    The moon picture is wonderful too.

    Take care, stay safe.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan, I have been having some different feelings so I hope that means it's trying to heal..I hope to see these otters again they are super fun to watch.

  8. Oh gosh Sondra I hope the nerve damage improves, what an awful thing to have happen, i've never heard of this before, it's good you've get a video and a record of it just in case.

    On the brighter side you've had some lovely moments out and about and with the deer at home, usually the only crabs we see on the beach here are dead ones washed up, there are sometimes tiny one in rock pools though.

    Following the happenings in Portland and now I hear it's happened in New York too? Just dreadful.

    1. Hi Pam thank you for your comment, I have hopes it will heal on its own...sometimes it's just dead crabs on the beach and the birds have a feast Trump is now attacking his own citizens rather than Change Laws to make sure Police Stop Killing People for no reason, I don't understand it. Police here are way over stocked with weapons and taught to be killers. Change the amount of power they have is what the protesters are asking for.


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