Sunday, August 25, 2019

Chronicles of the Week

Still summer here...hope for a sudden change!  

Aug 18

Another hot one...

...enjoyed this fresh looking dragon, I guess it's a Halloween Pennant dragonfly He looks perfect!  We rode over to Lake Paul Wallace, It's been a while since we visited we didn't see a lot but we enjoyed what we saw...

Duck Potato Plant

These Mallards wanted a hand out we had a few crumbs so we tossed a bit out of the window..they are completely spoiled as you can tell 

The Geese were not as friendly!  

Aug 21
Midweek I ventured up to the local is also a hotspot for my town, it's not in my radius and I helped push the county count up by 4 for the year, I know in a way I'm cutting my own throat for my radius percentage %.


This little pond is on the racetrack grounds and it's pretty popular...I uploaded some of these straight to Blogger see if you can click it and make it bigger, if you don't mind?  A little test. 

So last week Aug 14th I went over and found the immature Tri Color Heron, and this week he was still there along with the 2 immature White Ibis I shared last post... 

Tri-Color Heron

Then I found a Yellow Legs, I think lesser, so that's how I reported it..he stayed behind the reeds making it hard to pull out a decent shot of him..

and all of sudden he had company...lower left of the photo

A spotted sandpiper!  Fun to find both of these...
 So 2 more added to my county list for the year 

When I stand very still for a long period of time my spine fuses up! So I was glad to sit on one of these logs and watch the birds milling around in the pond...

Tuesday Aug 20,  I went to my 5 mile radius Hotspot early I arrived about 7:30 am and I found a new one for the radius, the Green Heron.  (#117) He was pretty far out there I got this for the record shot no mistaking this silhouette. 

And he returned again Aug 21....the Green Heron

This is hopeful thinking! Im glad to see some color coming to the landscape..

One of the Common Yellow Throats came out into the open  

Aug 21, Back at the Racetrack Pond, I found another Green Heron, he was really small so I assume a this years edition. 

The little Blue Heron continues to hang around even tho the pond is slowly drying up...I hope recent rains will help...

The Green Heron was having luck finding food I saw him come up with several wiggly things...mostly what this pond has in it is this:

Lots of small peepers! They scampered from the edge as I walked along making little bloopppp sounds as they hit the water.

So the cool thing is this...The Racetrack has been the number one Hotspot in our county. (per ebird) There are only about 10 birders, actually only 2 of us record active weekly counts, since one fellow moved away.  So I have moved my Hotspot, Goodale State Park, to within 3 birds of being tied with the Hotspot for species count for the current was 4th in past yrs.  So that's really cool.  I honestly believe I can take it to number 1. 

Red Eyed Vireo (taken with my old camera) at my hotspot Aug 23.

I decided not to keep the camera I just purchased, its on the way back...I decided I wanted better results and realized it was not coming... once I get refunded for that I will be looking again! I have my eye on a couple possibilities.

8/24 ...on the way to the post office this morning, and a Barred Owl (#118) glided across the road in front of my van...In the Radius! I stopped he had landed but he was in deep cover when I got out of the van and tried to relocate him he flew into even deeper cover, I've been finding feathers so I know one is active here. Then I stopped at my hotspot and finally; I've been waiting for these guys to arrive..

#119 the Wood Stork, 2 in total.   So this was a good day for me birdwise. 

SO that's a wrap up for my week.  Hope yours was a good one!

In honor of Judy a birding blogger who recently passed...


the south end of the red eyed vireo




  1. It is obvious that you are working your patch diligently and enjoying it. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks David! I am trying really hard to go by there at different times of day and it does pay off..

  2. Your photos are great, hitting the jackpot lately. As for the pictures enlarging, they are already very large so when you click on them they go into a round up of the all the photos in this blog and are smaller. So no worries the pictures are quite large and very enjoyable the way you post them. Keep having a great time out there. Like you tribute to Judy.

    1. Hi Jo, I was sad to learn Judy had passed...that is 4 from my blog roll gone this year! Life is so short and fleeting...way to short to put up with fuzzy Thanks as always for your encouraging comments.

  3. You are doing so great! The second sighting of the green heron was a great picture! That’s amazing there are all those different birds at the smallish pond at a racetrack!

    1. The second photo was taken with my old camera...of course the sun was out. And I am also amazed with species in the small pond!

  4. You did have a good bird day and with the new camera . Are you pleased with it? I like the shots of the herons and wood stork. The Green Heron looks a similar size to our Bittern.

    1. I felt that the new camera was not performing to my expectations so I returned it! I am back to my old camera and if I have time to snap more than one photo it will 2 out of 3 make a good back to square one.

  5. Hello,
    The Tricolored, Little Blue and the Green Heron are favorites. The photos enlarged look great. The racetrack seems like a great spot for birding. It is cooler here, nice weather to be outside. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead!

    1. I enjoy seeing wading birds too! I need to see the Tri, Snowy, and the Reddish in my radius and that would be the full list! I kept hoping that immature Tri colored would fly into my radius which is 2 miles south of that location. We are having cooler weather this week what a relief.

  6. I hope you manage to find something to replace the camera, I've enjoyed your photos regardless :) Herons are one of my favourite birds so I always love seeing those. Well done on getting some new ticks for the radius and good luck with the hot spot!

    1. Hi Pam! I know Im going to find something...I did the same when I found the old camera, I purchased a Canon and I thought I liked it but sometimes you have to live with something a little while to really get the feel of it. I returned that Canon and purchased the Panasonic, love it till I dropped it, and yet it still sometimes is good.

  7. I did enjoy your photographs and the videos you included too.

    On one of our recent walks we too came across a lot of mallards, but I didn't take any photographs … should have done!

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan, I enjoy going out and taking photos it gets me out and about and steals moments of life to be preserved and cherished just a wee bit longer!


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