Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day

Another month gone? I can't believe it...My last report the 3rd week of April, was really a good week where I had 6 in one week...but wait!  

When I ended March had my 5 mile radius up to 77 species sighted since Jan 1st..and April really helped me push the count higher all the way up to 96 The last week of April,  I didn't get to bird every day so I got only 2 species by the 30th...the Blue Grosbeak...(#95) 

And on the                            same day in the exact same area almost in the                                       same tree the lovely  Indigo Bunting (#96)

And the beautiful turquoise back...

So I ended up with 96 for April.  Then MAY arrived and what a May Day I had.  I was in the field by 7:15 am since it is now getting hot by midday.  I had plans to go into town outside my radius to look for the Swainson's Warbler spotted by the 2 other birders who are listing in my county.  They live in the burbs but I had so much going on in my radius I never made it to town!  

I made a stop at one of my personal hotspots where I have seen quite a few of my FOY birds so far including the Blue's just mentioned...I can't make if official it's private property I bird from the road...
but I heard gunshots...probably a Turkey's still Turkey season.   So I moved on to a similar habitat.  Sure am glad I did... asa I got out of the van I heard this bird: (#97)

I haven't seen one of these in like 10 years was really thrilled to see 4 different individuals!  The Yellow Breasted Chat. 

these flowering shrubs are all around the area where the chat was 

Had more orchard oriole's males, immature males, and females..

Then more Prairie Warblers, more Indigo Buntings too...

All singing high up on tops of the trees.  

I pulled the van a little farther down the road and heard a somewhat familiar could I forget the call of all those yellow warblers that I saw in CO last yr so this is my FOY Yellow Warbler, (#98)

Then I moved the van to an area where I have an awesome spot to bird a swampy verge.  I found my FOY Gray Catbird, (#99)  no photo and then in the field area that is on the edge of the woods, I heard the Grasshopper Sparrow. (#100)  He /she would not pop up for a look but no mistaking that buzzy call.  

I found these tracks...I always enjoy trying to figure out this one had me stumped for a moment...what's your guess? I'll post my guess once the commenting is done so stop back by or subscribe to comments to see if we are all in sync about what this was. 

Back at home I was hot and tired and rested on the screen porch and bam In flew this lady to make my #101 bird!  

The Female Rose Breasted Grosbeak!  

...the last week of April, we had a luncheon on the porch...I made a salad from my container grown  greens, and it was delicious served with fresh strawberries!  Mom and sis approved.

Life is not all about Birds ya know!

Here is one of my radius Eastern Towhee with the red eye..the yellow eye one that lives in the clear cut is very special...but lately I've had to venture out of the clear cut to find my latest arriving birds..

Even with this stick in the way that eye is just ....well eye catching! 

And  you can't go wrong with a posing Northern Mockingbird...

So I broke the 100 ceiling count...and now it's going to get even harder to rack up numbers...I will keep trying till it gets too hot! Once birds are in place raising young, not going to see many newbies come through.  
So ended up April with 96 and the entire county count was 146 so my % fell some; ended up with close to 66%.

Adding a Wild Turkey... the heard from the yard in April species was at 38!  

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. You certainly got some gorgeous birds. I think because winter was so cold and lasted so long the birds didn't make the migrations until later. But wow you have them now.

    1. Hi Jo! Everything is going as scheduled but I don't see the numbers of the hummingbirds that I normally do fact I took my feeder down and put up the small one bird feeder, because the big bottle sugar water was going bad so the small feeder will be easier to keep it fresh. (I like your guess!)

  2. Replies
    1. Im gonna post my thoughts is SO much fun to figure out track in the field.

  3. Beautiful colours on the birds the blue grosbeak and the indigo bunting are stunning. Your local birding has been really successful and has shown just whats around you.
    I think the track are a turtle / terrapin.
    Its always good to have a variety of interests and hobbies and then life is never ever boring......always something to do. Thats my motto.

    1. Thanks Dave they are amazing! All the brown birds of fall and winter are being replaced by the bright migrants, the yellows, the reds, the oranges, and the Blues! I have so many hobbies, it is what keeps me grounded and that keeps me on an even keel----my thoughts on the track below..

  4. Great stuff, you have so many beautifully coloured birds and well done on breaking the 100! The salad looks good, always better when it's home grown ingredients! I thought snakes for the tracks but realise this is daft especially after reading the other comments!!

    1. I was happy to break that 100 ceiling since most others in the challenge are way up there since the majority of the participants live in a more diverse area. Im in what is called Sandhills. It has limited diversity. When I first saw the track I said...what the heck is this? LoL

  5. Hello, lovely birds and photos. The female Grosbeak is a beauty. Your salad looks delicious. Not sure about the track but the turtle comment above makes sense. Happy May to you! Enjoy your day!

    1. HI Eileen..I was happy that the female Grosbeak showed up sometimes get the male too. It was such a wonderful moment when I saw her!!

  6. I think everyone is right a turtle crossed this road, and he left this awesome track for us to follow!! Since the push off and then rotate the legs you get that drag and push of the sand as they move forward. I want to do more track ID, it's such a wonderful puzzle left in nature.

  7. I had no idea about that track, but now I will look for that kind of track if we ever get to Bunche Beach again. Your bird count is amazing as are your pictures. Thanks for sharing especially since my amateur camera skills would never give me such great portraits even if I ever saw that many .

    1. You will have many opts to see turtle tracks in the sand there. Now a days they should be egg laying! Thank you for such a nice compliment!!


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