Monday, December 26, 2016

Getting shed of the shed!

Many of you probably awoke to a white Dec 25th, if you got it hope you enjoyed it... I got up and opened the windows!  66 degrees.  I drove, with my son,  over the river, and through the woods up to my sisters house where Mom is until New Yrs, for the day and a meal prepared by my German BIL.  He did a great job! 

Not often you can dress like this on Christmas Day, my son at rest area opening a vending machine cold drink.

One year we had snow on the 26th...bummer.  So the Holiday is behind us whew...
I asked Santa for a new shed I drool over those catalogs that arrive in the mail with glistening new pole barns and sheds of every description size, and shape,,,,but then I check the price tag....the same ole' thing..."No Sondra, there is no Santa Claus".   Just like anything else in life if you want it bad enough you will make it happen with wit and sweat.  But first I have to destroy the old one!! 

It comes down in the reverse of how it went up..the siding,  then the roof, then the framing...

The girls watched from a safe distance and wiggled in the dirt!

...then up on the ladder, it was the hardest part taking off the tin roofing...I didn't want to damage it too bad as I plan to re-use it!!  It has a nice patina don't you think? Or you might just call it rust...

...then I noticed in the bushy holly a tap tap tapping! A yellow bellied sapsucker busy making his own world a better place!

those little holes in the tree trunk is what he is busy doing, they drill a little hole, the sap seeps into the holes then bugs and such also get into the its like a juicy sappy bug snack. You can see he has a red throat patch and red forehead, the belly is a buffy yellow and the back is black with white/tan specks and white on his primaries! A very attractive bird!

So I had to get a few shots of him before continuing...soon all the tin was off.  

then I just tied a rope to the remaining frame,  gave 3 hard tugs and down it went!!

                                                  Now you can see the house!

It was easy to pull all this apart with it on the ground...and now Im salvaging what I can of the timbers, the tin is def usable, some of the rafters are good I pulled out the nails, and some of the 2 x 4 's have rot on the bottom end so I'll saw that end off I can make my walls 6 inches shorter.   This is not rocket science...

So Im using my circular saw and cutting the old siding into 12 inch wide pieces and trimming off the rotted parts and Ill use it like lap siding on the back and on the inside wall...nothing will go to waste. 

 one load of debris went to the dump...and Ill probably have one more small load to haul away,  SO a lot is being reused, recycled, and re-purposed!! 

I have removed one of the trees as planned and soon the other one will be on my firewood pile...its not a healthy tree so it will help to heat the house!
I do plan to plant more trees in the wood lot, some evergreens....since my woods never get the benefit of fire...the under-story has disappeared and all the trees are tall and not reseeding very well! Planting some evergreens  like Eastern Cedar and Holly will help give a green under story and replenish my wood lot. 

Next step is to start getting the foundation of the NEW shed in place!! Hope to start that as soon as I get all the 2 x 4's ready to reuse.   And I got a Lowe's Gift card for Christmas!! Yippie!  Later back inside,  I'm trying to perfect biscuit making what tips do you have for me? Don't forget I use only non animal products.   

these were good crispy outsides and soft inside.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. There were no shorts here this year it was cold like 50 - mid 50's.
    Well you are now at the rebuild state of the shed. I know you will get the job done right and your way. I'll be following along.

    1. Thanks JO! We are paying for that sunny day with now 2 days back to back of slow cold drizzle. I'd rather have snow that this.

    Have you come across this site?
    I think you'll have lots of good salvaged material for your new shed especially as its going to be smaller than the original. Will you lay a concrete base? if that is raised up it up will protect your shed base. Its all coming along nicely. If you dont post again before the New Year all the best.

    1. The old shed was on a concrete slab...This one will not be. I am going to use cement block for the ground foundation then put a wooden floor in, I will use treated lumber so termites won't get it! I have to check that link on the biscuits... Thanks!

    2. The recipe is a good one! I didn't add any lemon juice and I used coconut oil instead of the Margarine, I do use Earth Balance spread so next time I'll try that.

  3. I don't cook enough to help you, so I'm just another friend who isn't giving you anything for Christmas. Sorry bout that ;>>. Your shed is doing great... you are giving yourself a great gift -- and as always lovely gifts to us in sharing your joy and hard work (without us having to do a thing). Your Christmas weather seems a little bit cool to us here in Florida ;>). Happy New Year!!

    1. Our sunny weather didn't last long been cloudy since, but today finally it came out again. I got all the nails pulled out of the salvaged lumber so I feel like I made progress!!
      Happy New Year to you and to everyone UP there who came by to say Hello!!


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