Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Simple Life---- explained!


...and have not started on the field area yet...The afternoon storms have not been violent ones since the ones on Thursday and Friday nights...but the heat builds and by late afternoon its either rain or explode!  The rain is good no watering to do so that means more time just relaxing in the afternoon A/C inside listening to John Denver's Back Home Again album on my old record player.  Before him its been about 2 weeks of Seals and Croft. Love those guys no one can harmonize like they can...Year of Sunday c-1971 and I'll Play For You c-1975 so happy I held onto my vinyl!  Yes I was a young hippie now I'm reliving my teen aged years, in music least ways!

afternoon rain
So happy I hooked up the ice maker! I went back n forth about it; was a pain to hook up had to crawl into the dark crawl space and fight a couple of my phobias to get it connected the dark, spiders, claustrophobia, just to mention a a copper pipe, now I stand around constantly with a cup of ice in my hand! How did I ever live without it? The sparkling rock hard magic of water gone beyond 32 degrees...ohhhh so nice! I make Iced Coffee, I sip Cream Soda, I fill er up with Root Beer, follow that with Lemonade, Iced Tea or Gingerale, or just plain old ICE cold WATER!!  My cup is from the one dollar store..its insulated and has a cap I can have on or off and the insulated cup preserves my sparkling clear ice for hours, all I have to do is refill, refill, refill!! 

lemonade-- and in the back a collection of what we call Indian Paint Rocks. These are Hematite, SC Geodes! Break 
them open with a hammer, and out pours ferrous oxide! We were told local Natives mixed this powder with bear fat to make paint for their faces! We don't find as many as we used to find since all the fields are now planted with pines! People make the mistake of thinking they are supposed to "paint" with the sandstone rock it'self...nope you break it open and paint with the powder mixed with saturated fats!
Got out very early this morning by 8:30 I was hammering away on the deck again.  I got the stringers for my steps...I went with a 5 step configuration which is gonna be a bit steep but it was prefab made and in stock at Lowes.  I don't have the lumber for the treads that is next and I have to get more cedar for my rails. Got one side up on that, and it doubles for a guard rail and clothes line! MY sweat soaked clothes can now hang there to dry before tossing in the laundry basket. I have been thinking of a clothes line,,,,I have line, now I need to select the perfectly spaced trees to hold up my line.... it goes on the wish list along with....

Do you enjoy skinny dipping?  I sure do, and one thing I want is an outdoor shower!  I work like a slave back on the plantation! I finish up with "granny beads" on me, dirty all over- my hair a matted mess, I'm a pig sty when I finish working!!  I live in a very secluded spot, it has more privacy than you can an outdoor shower to wash the dirt of the day off without dragging it into the house will be a welcome thing for me! It is going to be a very simple affair and I don't know when it will come to the top of the list but its on there.  I'm thinking a floor of pebbles, probably a hand held shower head possibly with a massage selection for my poor aching muscles....and with an off/on valve so you can turn it on and off,  wet yourself down, turn the water off, lather up then turn it back on to rinse! Saves water and it could work with a coiled up garden hose on the stall roof to create hot water!  I have it visualized perfectly in my 3rd eye. 

I hung my 4 bamboo canes from one of the dogwoods, my son asked what is that bamboo for....I had to think and realized he didn't see what I have envisioned. SO my reply was it's the beginning of Zen.

My old neighbors who moved about one mile away bought them a spread of about 20 acres because they didn't want to see any was NOT me they were seeing but some others to the east of them... They had a huge colony of Purple Martins, they took their martin houses with them on the move and I wondered what happened to the colony.  My martin houses were out of commission for a few years and now I've moved them back to the center of the field...but squirrels have damaged the doors to almost destroyed! I was able to order more doors so I'm installing in hopes that the lost colony will come here instead.  Unfortunately these are plastic...wished it was metal and even tho I scoffed the idea of purchasing a Martin decoy (also made of plastic) in the end I did buy only one.  I like the new neighbors much more than the old ones, they lean left like me! I'm surrounded by a sea of conservatives.  They have one horse and one burro, one dog, 2 roosters, and some hens, and they don't mind if they can see a neighbor or two. 

martin house replacement doors
I did find time to sew up the cushion covers for the porch...It is some of my fabric this one is from the line I called Chi Chi, and this pattern is called Rising Sun Teal- I just made them as simple as possible no frills.  Now the porch is ready for relaxing time.  I take my coffee out there nearly every morning...enjoy the quiet and watch the birds get breakfast. 

porch cushions

I enjoy the simple life!
What simple pleasures do you enjoy?

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Have I posted this before as I'm having problems with comments? I really like your porch. We have something similar but not so good as yours where I can sit and watch the birds in the garden. Skinny dipping is magical. In some hot places I have noticed the water tank on the flat roofs and that must be the warm water for their shower. I tend to go for the Eagles myself.

    1. Oh I loved the Eagles saw them in concert years ago, but I don't have any vinyl from them I have tapes from them...I love the porch when the heat leaves I will be spending more time out there for sure!

  2. Sorry about all the storm damage! This was a very newsy post! I think your artwork is incredible. I couldn't do that! XO

    1. Hey there...thanks for the compliment, with your talent you could def do as well...AND we had another big blow today more limbs down most small ones that I can just drag to the trailer!! UHHH!

  3. Love the pretty porch ... I'd be out there every morning too! It's nice to have neighbors who think like you do, and I venture to say it is harder to find such compatibility where you are than it would be here in Oregon (I'm glad to be back here for that reason ... In Florida liberals are harder to find.)

    1. We really need to spread the word The GOP is trying to get rid of all our National Lands! They want to give it back to the States and most of them have no budget for that type thing!! SO that would be the living end of it for all of us who love and want to protect these special lands. The people who would vote for this party must have no real love of Country.

  4. I know we must have talked about the bug spray shower before. that might be all you need for your outdoor shower. You can put a sprayer thing that is used in a kitchen sink until you build your outdoor shower. I painted mine black to heat the water. In your first pictue of your nice iced lemonaid I love how you make something out of pretty much nothing. Is that a half shell of a squash? And once the rock is broken open does it have a small indent in the middle? If so there are so many of them around here, of course this was all indian land and I live between to reservations. Always wondered about those rocks. Is the hanging bamboo used as wind chimes, I just love your porch and the cushions are so inviting. I haven't used my porch in some time now as this inferno we are into will not even let you sit out early and it is now filthy from all the blowing leaves from a tree down the street. Oh well we are at least into mid July now. I have some old albums but nothing to play them on. But I have lots of old music on CDs and love to listen to them too.

    1. YOU know I have one of those sink sprayers the one I took out of the kitchen when I replaced this one! Great idea. And you are so right it is a small pumpkin Shell! One I grew myself it never got big but we cut it and scraped out the inside and I dried that one half the other half the dogs tried to chew and broke it up. AND yes the rocks are hollow in side but with thick walls just like a Geode. Look forward to fall when you can get out and enjoy your porch. I forgot to put my shades down on my porch yesterday and the rain blew in and soaked it pretty good! :o(


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